Escape To Panama

You are not a tree.  You can pick up and relocate and many people and families choose to do so.  This life is not a dress rehearsal.

I came across this article on Marketwatch and I suggest you read the entire article.

It quotes a retired school adminstrator from Massachusetts who was, “… fed up with a lot of things in America — including the high cost of living, repeated mass shootings and what she saw as a lot of ‘rage and hate’ among residents. ‘The U.S. has gotten so out of control — the social fabric is shattering,’ she says. ‘It is an act of insanity to continue to stay in the U.S.,’ she adds, noting that in Panama crime is low, you more rarely see guns, and life can be more affordable.'”   “Insanity” may be a bit much, but you’ll want to read the entire article.

And she moved to Panama and the little town where I live, Boquete.  The article continues, “’It’s a place of indescribable beauty and the culture is complex and vibrant,’” she says. “’It’s not a sleepy town in the mountains, there’s arts and culture, birding, sailing, hiking, restaurants with chefs from around the world, it’s a foodie paradise. There’s so much going on here.’” (Travel guide Lonely Planet writes this:“’Boquete is known for its cool, fresh climate and pristine natural surroundings. Flowers, coffee, vegetables and citrus fruits flourish in its rich soil, and the friendliness of the locals seems to rub off on everyone who passes through’.”)

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My friend Jackie Lange relocated to Panama after reading my book, THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE.  Jackie’s friends began wanting to check out Panama, and so she organized a little tour to show them her new home and explan why she chose Panama.  That humble beginning has morphed into Jackie Lang’s Panama Relocation Tour.  I believe at last count she has conducted over 109 tours.  These are not real estate tours, but boots-on-the-ground tours of the places many ex-pats have chosen to live and a chance to meet with expats and learn first hand of their experiences.  And the tour is filled with information about everything from visas and bank accounts to where you can shop and find most everything.  This is not necessarily a plug for Jackie’s tour, although if you have any interest in relocating to Panama, I’d definitely recomment the tour.

What I want you to check out is this YouTube page of testimonials of folks who’ve taken the tour, moved to Panama, and what life is like for ex-pats in Panama.