The Best of Panama: Special Offer

We have always struggled between the ocean and the mountains … we love them both!  So “Paradise” to me would be a combination of the mountain paradise of Boquete coupled with the unspoiled ocean paradise of the Boca Chica waterfront.

Both would truly be “The Best of Panama”!

Now the Best of Panama can be yours!  This special offering includes both our waterfront property in unspoiled Boca Chica and our Mountain Paradise in Boquete.  The best of all worlds can be yours in the beautiful, peaceful, “tranquil” province of Panama.  Enjoy the year-round spring-like climate of Boquete, then escape to the beaches, National Marine Sanctuary with unspoiled tropical islands, of Boca Chica where you can anchor your boat in a protected anchorage or store it at Carlos Spague’s boatyard complete with covered storage, service and everything you might need.

Read all about Boca Chica and Boquete.

special-offer-logoThis special offer is available only from the owners directly and not through real estate agents or anyone else.  The offer is limited and may be withdrawn.  The $1 million price is firm.

It is preferred that payment be in full to our bank in the US, thus in many cases saving you the hassle and expense of transferring money to Panama which has become difficult and costly since the implementation of FACTA.

Asking $1 million firm.

CONTACT THE OWNER DIRECTLY – Skype: richard.detrich – In Panama: Richard  507-6549-4736 or Nikki 507-6381-6166 


Dear Darwin

New PictureI received this email from Darwin, sent at 1:45am his time …

Richard, Aloha. I saw on your website some prices for farms and other properties. Are those typical prices in Panama, or might it be like Costa Rica used to be, years ago? (That is, is it really less expensive, once you are local, or are those typical prices?) Have a great day. Take care, Darwin

So I replied, at 3:35am my time … please, don’t ask! The dogs were up and hyper and so was I …

Just like anywhere else, prices are all over the board, depending on location, size of property, amenities, etc. You can buy just “farmland” quite cheap in big parcels, probably far from electric lines, developed areas, etc. Panama has a booming economy, Costa Rica does not. Costa Rica is really a Central American country and Panama, in part because of its history, is really a South American country. Costa Rica used to have advantages for expat retirees, today Panama does. Some things are much cheaper in Panama, depending on where you are from. Bottom line: you can live better for less in Panama. Regards, Richard

2:47am his time, I get this from Darwin …

Hey, thanks, Richard. I really do appreciate it.

BTW, my wife has been doing all of the research, since I have been crazy busy with work, etc. However, from here research, she believes that Boquete might be one of the most temperate places to live. According to the research that I have done, Colon seems to have a nice climate, as well, but according to her research, Colon is a high crime area. The farms that are advertised for sale in Boquete seem quite pricey.

Are there any areas that you would recommend where the temperature stays down around 80 degrees Fahrenheit or less, are not too pricey and are safe?

Also, if you believe that the best climate is near Boquete, do you recommend flying into David and renting an apartment somewhere near there in order to explore that area, or do you recommend renting a car in Panama City and driving up there?

Thanks, again, for your valuable advice, and I do understand if you are too busy to deal with all of these sorts of questions.

Have a great weekend. Take care, Darwin

Well, Darwin, yes, I am busy. And seriously contemplating retiring from retirement! But let me give you, and everyone else some words of wisdom.

Fly over Panama from David to Panama City and you will see that most of the country is mountainous jungle, rain forest, farm land of all altitudes. 99% is quite safe. We’re about 9 degrees off the Equator so … it is hot and tropical. But as you go up to higher altitudes it gets very temperate and, at least for my taste, pleasant. There are tons of properties you can buy in the mountains, quite safe, great for grazing cattle or farming, and cheap … however they may be hours on dirt roads from any real center of civilization. Just depends on what you want … what you are looking for … and what you are willing to pay.

I no longer “sell” Panama as cheap, because in many ways it isn’t cheaper, although in other ways it is cheaper, depending on where you are coming from. The message is YOU CAN LIVE BETTER FOR LESS IN PANAMA! Again, how much less depends on where you are coming from and what your expectations are for your standard of living.

So, my advice, dear Darwin …

1. Don’t leave the research to your wife! Get involved and do the research. The people who move here, and leave rather quickly, are folks who got this whim, or dream to go to Panama and never bothered to take the time and do the research.

2. Start right here with my blog. Drill down. Start with Thinking of Relocating, take a look at costs of life in Panama, get a feel for what life is actually like.  Check out what medical care is like and if you need to speak Spanish.

3. Get my book!  THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING & RETIRING IN PANAMA.  If you don’t want to plunk down some money or invest some time in researching Panama, just forget it.

4. Come on the Panama Relocation Tour.  This is NOT a real estate sales tour: nobody is selling anything.  But it’s a chance in a small group of around 20 people to explore the real Panama, boots-on-the-ground, meet with real expats who will tell you the un-rehearsed, un-coached real story of expat life in Panama.  You’re not going to spend days in a fancy hotel ballroom in Panama city having folks blow smoke offering you “investment opportunities” from folks who’ve paid to participate.  The Panama Relocation Tour will give you an overview.  Plan to spend some additional time before the tour to explore Panama City, and then time after the tour to revisit some of the areas that seemed appealing.

Mar 15 Relocation Tour 5

5. Go home and do a lot of reflection, have a lot of late night discussions, run the numbers, do more research and homework.  If you haven’t already done so, figure out what it is that you really want, what your finances are and what alternatives are available.

6. Plan a two or three-week trip back to Panama just to explore.

7. If everything still looks good, rent a place in the area you think you’d like to live, and actually spend 3 to 6 months “test driving” life in Panama.

You asked … that’s my final answer.

Paraíso Tranquilo

Paraíso Tranquilo $795,000

Tired of the noise, conflict, threats, and hassle?  Time to escape?  Paraíso Tranquilo is a peaceful slice of paradise just 12 minutes up a paved road above Boquete in the Chiriqui Mountains of Panama.

Coffee Estate Boquete for sale 18

This approximately 4,500 sq ft Tuscan-inspired 3 bedroom, 3.5 bath home includes a high-ceiling living room with double-sided river rock fireplace opening out on to an expansive terrace/porch which overlooks the small valley below.  The living room opens into a dining room and a kitchen with granite counter tops and Burmese Cherry cabinets.  The open concept extends out to a huge terrace/porch ideal for entertaining. It has been called “the most beautiful house in Boquete.” The home is all one level … no steps and the master bath features a large, light-filled walk-in shower.

The Most Beautiful House in Boquete, Panama FOR SALE 45

The open concept extends out to a huge terrace/porch ideal for entertaining.

Coffee Estate Boquete for sale 3

The estate includes a fully furnished, charming 1 bedroom guest house which can be rented out.


A private driveway lined with beautiful king palm trees leads to the main house. The estate is located off a paved road 12 minutes from the town of Boquerte and only 35 minutes by 4-lane highway from he new, giant mall now under construction in David, Panama’s second largest city and location of hospitals and the David airport.


3.5 acres abounds with coffee, bananas, oranges, grapefruit and other tropical fruits. Enjoy your own home-grown coffee, orange juice and bananas for breakfast!

Offered at $795,000, below replacement cost. Available with or without existing corporation. Owner will accept payment US bank to US bank in US, thus avoiding cost and hassle of transferring money out of the US to Panama. Will consider trade for comparable property in Sonoma County, CA.

READ “Behind The Scenes” … everything you want to know about the cost of operating and running a property in Panama!  

Additional Estate Photos – Skype: richard.detrich – In Panama: Richard  507-6549-4736 or Nikki 507-6381-6166 – US 707-243-3454


If you are in Panama or planning a house hunting trip or would like to schedule a visit, please let us know.