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001 Richard Detrich Princess Lecture

I’m grateful to have a retirement that keeps me busy and still working while getting the opportunity to spend half the year on cruise ships helping folks to get the most out of their adventures around the world.  From tiny villages in Canada to the world’s largest cities, it continues to be an adventure!


One of the things I enjoy most is the opportunity to meet folks from all over the world who come on board as guests, and also the opportunity to work on a team with people, most younger than I, from all over.  On a typical big ship cruise we have crew from over 30 countries, different races, backgrounds, religions, political systems … and we all work together and play together in peace and harmony.

Living In Panama

Twelve years ago we left the rat race, retired early and moved to Boquete, Panama to begin what has been a great adventure!  We lived for a while in one of Boquete’s premier gated communities and then as it developed and became just like a gated community in the States, we opted for a home in the mountains, in a tiny real Panamanian village, with fantastic views and no neighbors where we grow fantastic coffee.  I’ve written THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING & RETIRING IN PANAMA which has helped scores of others find their own adventures in expat living.  And over the years I’ve packed a lot of content into this blog about Living In Panama.

My attempts at honest sharing and not sugar-coating, as so many of the outfits that promote moving and living in Panama often do, have been appreciated.

Richard,  I want to thank you for all the excellent, interesting posts. I’ve enjoyed them over the years and greatly benefited from your book. So much so that I recently bought a small property in Boquete and currently renovating it for my eventual move. I have you to thank for always giving balanced, realistic info that helped me make an informed decision. I am grateful and wish you all the best, Kristina Gehrki

Panama Properties For Sale by Owner

You’re “not in Kansas anymore!”  Real estate in Panama is something different than you’ve ever experienced … or imagined!  No MLS or Multiple Listing Service so real estate agents generally push only their listings and usually won’t show you other listings by other agents.  No sharing of listings, no reliable way to compare prices, no way to know what is really out there for sale.  Plus no title insurance, no escrow … just a whole lot of trust in a country you likely don’t know a whole lot about.  Sound scary?  It is!

Morning Web

The typical real estate agent sits around, like a spider, waiting for someone to drop into their Web.  The only person you really need on your team is a good Panamanian lawyer with real estate experience.  So what’s a person to do?

Enter “Uber” real estate … eliminating the cost and hassle of the middle man … Panamaforsalebyowner.info lets you connect directly with the seller.  Faster, easier, and more pleasant.

So here are some of the best properties for sale and rent by owners.  And here are some of my own properties that are for sale.




Life goes on … and things change.

As I move into the final quarter of the game of life, I find myself wondering how “retirement” got to be so busy! I need to retire for retirement … still adventurous, but maybe more focused, doing what I love to do, and carefully evaluating how I’m spending my time, the commitments I make, and adapting to the continuing and more rapid change of our world.

When I first began blogging, TEN years ago now, it was still a relatively new medium of communication with … the world!  When I began publishing a blog focusing about our life as expats in Panama it was relatively a new concept. Now when people move to Panama the first thing they do is start a blog about their experiences and start giving advice.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know and interacting with folks literally from all over the world, some folks from countries I didn’t even know existed. This blogging experience, plus working over eight years now on cruise ships travelling around much of the world, and having the joy of working with folks, mostly younger than myself, from all over the world, has really enabled me to see myself as a citizen of the world.

RichardDetrichSo thank you for enriching my life, for sharing with me, and for reading my blog! The blog will stick around, but you will begin to notice some changes. I’ll try to organize the content so folks can continue to access what’s here. I’ll get rid of stuff that’s no longer relevant. And I will continue blogging … occasionally. If you subscribe or follow me on Facebook you’ll know when I post something new.

It’s been fun, but a whole lot of work. I’m always amazed to meet neighbors in Boquete who say, “Richard, I read your blog for years before we finally decided to make the move.” So thanks for sharing the journey with me and I will continue to stay in touch.

Regards, Richard


8,500 New Cars on One Boat

car-carrier The world’s biggest vehicle carrier transited the Panama Canal on Thursday September 8.

The HOEGH TARGET, sailing under the Norwegian flag, was built in 2015 specifically to allow it to pass through the new expanded locks.

The ship, which began its journey in Japan, has a width of 36.5 meters and can carry 8,500 vehicles, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) reported.  From Japan the ship came to Mazatlan headed for Alabama.