Hope You Saw Cuba

dsc_0349Well, we knew it would be strange … but nobody could have imagined how strange.  Knowing the main current White House goal is to undo everything accomplished by Obama, apparently Trump is setting his sights on Cuba.  One might expect “back channel” negotiations for a a Trump Tower & Casino in Havana, but either that’s now off the table, or we are jockeying for a better negotiating position to get a better deal to “Make America Great” and Donald successful and wealthy.

So, you knew it was coming … 

The cruise industry’s quick growth and move into Cuba may be coming to an abrupt halt.  ABC reported that U.S. President Donald Trump and the current administration is “poised to roll back another of his predecessor’s signature accomplishments — the re-normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba, according to multiple congressional and advocacy organization sources with direct knowledge of the administration’s intentions.”

ABC said news would follow “sometime” in June.

“The proposed changes would increase regulations that would make it more difficult for corporations to make deals with Cuba and for Americans to continue to travel to the country,” ABC said.

Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Holland America Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Regent Seven Seas Cruises and Oceania Cruises all have significant capacity calling in Cuba aimed at the North America consumer.

Meanwhile, Celestyal Cruises and MSC Cruises both have a strong Cuba presence, but have a broader passenger sourcing base.

One can only hope this is “fake news.”


The End

56885141_noriega_afpIt’s over.  Noriega is dead.

The once dictator of Panama, Manuel Noriega, is dead.  After serving sentences in the US and France Noriega was returned to Panama where he lived in a nondescript Panamanian jail called El Renacer on the banks of the Panama Canal.  He came home to Panama, a frail, elderly and sickly old man who claimed to be a born-again Christian.  He suffered from a brain tumor and after several failed attempts to operate, due to his poor condition, the tumor was finally removed in early March.  Noriega came out of the operation in critical condition and was placed in a medically induced coma.  He died at the age of 83,  Now I need to update my books which I just updated and released.



Escape To Paradise

flowers-040There comes a moment when you realize IT’S TIME TO GO … time to move on and time to make some changes.  You may find yourself in a situation or place or experience that you’ve outgrown, no longer meets your expectations, or has headed in directions with which you are no longer comfortable.  You can grit your teeth, stress, and keep on doing the same thing in the same way, or pick up and move on.  It’s your choice!  A rut is just a coffin with the ends knocked out.

So now what?

Unfortunately just changing locations doesn’t always solve the problems … but it sure helps!  Sometimes you have to change you.  Change your outlook and your way of thinking.  Move from a negative outlook to a positive outlook.  Assuming you first deal with your own s***,  then maybe a change of place, a change of locationopportunity, a new opportunity is just what you need.

Over the years I’ve written a lot about escaping to Panama.  There’s my book, and scores of articles on my blog about moving to Panama.  It’s not for everyone, but it may be for  you and now may be the time.

Panama is a peaceful country … with no army and not spending trillions of dollars to get the rest of the world to live the way we do.  Maybe that’s why Panama is one of the happiest countries in the world!  We not only are located at the crossroads of the world, but our famous Canal continues to bring the world together.  Panama uses the US dollar as its currency, so we don’t have the wild currency fluctuations of many of our neighbors.  Panama has THE most robust economy in the region.  It’s not only the Canal, but international finance, the second largest free zone in the world, logistics, construction, the country of registration for 25% of the world’s ships, the airline hub of the Americas, and a burgeoning tourist industry.  We have been a democracy for almost 30 years with multiple political parties (not just two who are “the establishment”) and civil elections that are fought at the local level (not on TV) by candidates who mostly have very similar views, and serve 5 year terms (and are required by law to sit out for 10 years before thinking of running again).  Elections are hard-fought, often very close, but in the end everyone gets together with Seco or rum, and comes together to move the nation forward.  Peace, prosperity and happiness.  Nice!

Panama is in the tropics so you can have hot, hot, hot! … both in temperament and climate … or enjoy to cool, year-round spring-like climate of a mountain paradise like Boquete, which is where I choose to live.  Hottest, maybe 80 degrees F at noon with the sun out, and 61 degrees F at 3:30 am when the dogs wake me up to go out and pee … and the stars  look like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”   It  really is paradise!

Of course things change … and not only places, situations, and experiences, but we also change.  We want new experiences, new adventures and new opportunities.  And sometimes those changes aren’t always what we would choose, if we had a choice.  Sometimes those changes you wouldn’t choose are physical, and you have to regroup and reevaluate, which is why we end up offering our own personal paradise for sale.

Our beautiful 4,500 sq ft Tuscan-style home and 3.5 acre estate filled with lush tropical gardens, exquisite Arabica coffee and a host of tropical fruit trees … orange, lemon, , guanabanas, banana, plantain and others, is being offered for sale.  It is a private paradise with incredible views and has been dubbed by others as “the most beautiful house in Boquete.”

For physical reasons and because I still spend much of the year working on fabulous cruise ships sailing around the world, we need to downsize.  I welcome your inquiries about our home and small farm.