Escaping from PANAMA

After an 18 year adventure of living in Panama, here are some things you should consider if you are even thinking about relocation to Panama. This section is under construction, so keep checking back as I finish writing. One of the challenges of doing your “do diligence” before moving is that you often don’t know the questions you should be asking. If you know what to ask and check all the information, not just what may be packaged for you by the relocation company, you will go in with eyes wide open and have a better experience living in Panama. In spite of the hassles, we had a wonderful 18 year adventure and I hope you will too. It’s taking a while for me to digest all of this and to put it down in writing, but stay tuned because I will! Regards, Richard

What We Learned and The Stuff Folks Don’t Tell You About Panama

Regardless of what anybody says, YOU DO NEED TO SPEAK & READ SPANISH

if The Same Thing That Happened to Me Earlier This Month, Had Happened to Me in Panama, I Wouldn’t Be Here

“We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends”

In Panama Corruption Like Sh** Runs Downhill

Your Lawyer May Be Your New Best Friend … Or Your Worst Enemy

Moving TO or FROM Panama: Some Stuff You Must Know

“My Balls and My Word”

Questions we should have asked

The challenges of getting out and moving back

Was it worth it

What did we miss about the US when we lived in Panama

What we now miss about Panama living in the US

So, stay tuned!