Happy Birthday Bob!


4255365_0 Bob Adams just turned 75.  Since coming to Panama I have enjoyed Bob’s analysis and commentary about Panama, living in Panama, the state of our nation, and the future of this exciting little Isthmus that joins the world together.  Through his Retirement Wave Website he freely shares his knowledge and experience.

After a lifetime working in international development and banking, Bob chose to retire in Panama.

In addition to periodic email updates, Adams also has a YouTube channel where he provides informal,  informational updates, sometimes a bit wordy (Aren’t we all at this age?) but extreemly valuable stuff.  He calls it like he sees it without a bunch of BS.

bob2If you are even thinking about moving to Panama, you owe it to yourself to follow Bob’s information, newsletters and video.  There is a lot of hype, misinformation, and a certain degree of BS out there when it comes to stuff about moving to Panama.  Bob’s background gives him the ability to really analyze what’s happening and not just look at the fluff.

In thinking and making your decision you don’t want to rely on just one source for information.  Ask 100 expats living in Panama and you will get 100 different perspectives.  No one has all the answers, so ask around.

If you’re thinking about relocating to Panama you have obviously been following Panama’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Of course the way in which a country responds to such a crisis should figure prominently in your decision to relocate to a country other than your native land.  Here’s Bob’s update on where Panama is at with the pandemic response.

You’ll definitely want to check out his YouTube channel and tirement Wave website.

And, oh yes!!  Happy Birthday Bob!  Thank you for your continued flow of information.  Stay safe and healthy and we wish you many more happy years in Panama!

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