Thinking About Moving to Panama?

With the Covid-19 Pandemic and a lot of folks stuck at home …Remember those times back when you would have killed to be able to just stay home?… a lot of folks are getting a bit bored.  Once all the closets have been cleaned, the spice cabinet has been organized alphabetically, and your closet is neatly organzied with everything categorized, you’ve moved your furniture around to give your computer the most important spot in the house ,,, techy feng shui … so that in your Zoom meetings the bookcase is positioned directly behind you implying that you are wise beyond your years, and the light falls nicely across your best side …you’ve done all that …. NOW WHAT?

Well I decided that after 12 years it was time to clean up and reorganize this Web site so that people could more easily find and access the pearls of great wisdom I’ve drooled out about our 16 years of living in Panama.  So I’ve tried to put it all together with the appropriate links on a page called very originally Panama Living.