When This Is Over and (Hopefully) The World Returns to Some Semblance of Order . . .

And the “new normal,” whatever that turns out to be, is established and we go back to a more normal existence . . . it’s time to take action on all the stuff you thought about while quarantined and dreaming of a new, different, and hopefully better way of life.  For many people around the world this has been a time of reevaluating their ways of life, their security, the ways in which their governments have or have not responded in a time of world crises, and how and where they want to spend their future.

immigrants eMany have been dreaming about new adventures and adopting an expat lifestyle in another country that is more peaceful, secure, serene, diverse and accepting than the country where they were raised.  A place where the money and savings they have left will stretch further.  If you move to another country intent on changing your citizenship, that’s being an immigrant.  If you move to another country to live permanently while keeping your citizenship, that’s being an expat.

ex-pat or expat: a person who lives outside their native country.

Many people have been researching Panama as a place to move to, either to retire, or create a brick-and-mortar business, or imagine an online business.  And it’s not just retirees, but young people with ideas and dreams and families who, looking at the quality of schooling in their home countries believe they could do a better job home-schooling their kids while exposing them to the education of living in another culture.

After reading the books and watching the videos (my own included) and scouring the Web, the first big step for many is to actually visit Panama.  The big problem has been that due to the Coronavirus, in order to protect Panama, the airspace for the “Hub of The Americas” and “The Crossroads of The World” has been closed down.  So there is this tremendous backlog of interest from around the world.  I know because I see people from more than 20 different countries visiting this Web site!  The Panama Relocation Tours conducted by my friend Jackie Lange are booked through the end of 2021!  She’s had to be very innovative and creative to help the folks who had been booked on tours that were supposed to have run now and during the months the airspace has been closed.

So Panama has a message for the world: we are here and ready to welcome you when this crisis abates and a safer and hopefully saner world reopens.