Injesting Alcohol, Not Disinfectant, Really Does Work


No.  Just drinking the Kool Aid, or injesting Lysol, bleach or other disinfectant does NOT work against Covid-19.  [Well, the Kool Aid depends.  If it’s made directly out of the packet by Mom for the kids with love, it’s OK.  Tastes lousy IMHO, but “does no harm” other than the sugary side-effects on kids health.  If it’s served up by some crazy, cultish leader … beware!  But you knew that.]  Not only does drinking poison not help, it can be fatal.

And yes, used wrongly alcohol can also be fatal.  We’re not talking rubbing alcohol, but beverages containing couch-with-wine-1280x720-1alcohol like rum and wine, just to pick our favorite few.

Millions of moms who’ve attempted home schooling know, how effective a glass of chardonnay or merlot can be, sipped once the stay-at-home scholars are tucked away in bed or with their video games.

If you’ve invited a half dozen friends to a virtual Happy Hour via Zoom, you may want to go all out and “serve” up martinis.  And with Zoom you don’t even need a designated driver!

Pity the pour guys who have grown tired and bored by working from home.  I know, it sounded like a great idea, working in your PJs most of the day, pulling on a shirt and tie, and only a shirt and tie, to look presentable for a Zoom meeting.  Just be sure you’re wearing something if you have to get up and answer the door to retrieve your take-out lunch for the “do lunch” meeting.itrapbawfas41

Yes, everybody needs a haircut, and most guys are growing facial hair, not to look cool, but just because we’ve all become a bit more laid back.   When Governor Cuomo’s daily press conference is the highlight of your day [Oh leadership!], or you’ve watched ALL of Netflix, and the big suspense is not will my company still be in business tomorrow, although that should be, but if Trevor Noah has finally run out of different colored hoodies.   Stuck in his $10 million apartment, doing the Daily Show from “home,” without his studio barber, Trevor laments needing a haircut.  Who knows?  Maybe Trevor can bring back the Afro!

200316-virtual-happy-hourBut by 4 PM, most ordinary working-from-home stiffs, have braved their family, temperamental technology, constant deliveries from Amazon Prime, an endless stream of emails, and a future that could be fatal even without coming near a coronavirus … most folks need a glass of rum, scotch or whisky on the rocks with a splash of water.  It’s one touch of sanity in a world that seems to be running amuck in insanity.  Ingesting disinfectant? You’ve got to be kidding!  Oh, I’m sorry: I didn’t realize it was sarcasm.   It’s so hard to tell these days.

I’m not advocating drunkeness or Florida-beach-style-drunken-bash-Spring-Break-201101272133414d422b05d05afCoronavirus-be-damned alcohol abuse.  But careful, responsible use of alcohol can help get through the crisis and boredom.  One of Nikki’s strategies is to clean out everything.  When she cleaned out the liquor cabinet we discovered a whole bunch of stuff we’d forgotten about.  Home made wine someone gave us as a gift.  It was terrible and the guy has since died so we weren’t offending anyone.  A bottle of red I bought in France emblazed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of D-Day.   Twenty-five years later?  I may just a wait a few more years on that and when I open it I probably will be very disappointed.  We also found some stuff we bought in Curacao … 50% alcohol!

couple-drinking-wineSo all alcohol sales are banned in Panama, part of the fight against Coronavirus.  In part I can understand knowing that people fray when locked up for weeks on end and getting alcohol out of the equation for many helps prevent domestic violence.  But, so can sitting together on the porch, watching the sun go down, talking about the days events and what the “new normal” means for the world and for us … sitting with your partner with time to actually visit and share … and sipping wine or a mixed drink … that can be good for relationships.

So, we’re surviving with, as the Beatles said, “A little help from my friends.”  We’re not totally desperate … yet.

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