Every Morning A New Adventure Awaits

This is Stanley’s wake up call in the front bedroom, looking out the French doors onto the porch.

Stanley is one of our two dogs, and some day I’ll tell you the whole story of our canine capers, but Stanley was a rescue dog, found along with all his litter mates in a garbage dumpster when he was just a few days old. Only he and one sister managed to survive. He is special, knows it, and plays it for all it is worth.

We are in the midst of the “rainy season” in Boquete. What that generally means is a bright sunny morning and by noon it is even warm for Boquete … in the upper 70’s. But as the afternoon progresses the wind shifts off the ocean, which I can catch a glimpse of from two spots on our property … or as the real estate people would embellish it “a partial ocean view” … that ocean breeze starts pushing the hot, humid air of the lowlands (80-105 degrees F in David) up the mountain side and when it meets the cool air on Volcan Baru … the thunder rolls, the lightning flashes, and it rains, often as a deluge. No fear of lightning strikes causing wildfires since our tropical mountain rain forest is very wet. The storm over … remember the old “Tiki Room” at Disneyland? … the thunder and rain stop … “All the birds sing words … And the flowers croon” … and it may be very foggy for a while.

Usually by 9 pm the sky is clear, and the stars are out looking like a Van Gogh “Starry Night” painting. Then sometimes, like last night, in the middle of the night it starts to rain again, and last night it poured! But at 5 am this morning, when “nature calls” me and the dogs, the stars we all out.

And so, a new day starts in Boquete. Yes, you can get cable tv here, US cable if you like, and you can choose your poison … FOX or CNN … and keep it on all day if you like, and a few folks do, but what you’d miss! In the 16 years now that we’ve lived in Boquete, I don’t think a single week has gone by that my wife or I haven’t made a new discovery! A new plant or flower. Some new bug, beetle, or caterpillar. A new bird that visits our “bird buffet” for the first time. A new Spanish word. And always, so it seems, a new challenge that keeps us growing despite our ages.

So, this morning, after our rain, I walked around … and also played a bit with the dogs, Stanley and Mollie. Mollie is the Rottweiler we adopted, and she has an interesting story I’ll share some time.

Wherever you are in the world, during this difficult and challenging time, I hope that you stay safe and healthy and make your own new discoveries wherever you live.  We look forward to the time when our beautiful new, expanded Tocumen International Airport reopens and once again is the “Hub of The Americas” and able to welcome you to Panama!