When This Is Over

banner-seeds-midWhen this is over and the sun comes out, plants will continue to push up through the soil, birds will sing … Disney music swells … people return to the streets, and the world will continue.  Life will go on.  Divorce lawyers will do well.  Most other business, if they survive at all will continue to struggle.  Ingenuity and creativity will grow as we learn and develop new and more effective methods.

Social LD S2 NEWS PATTERSON BOYS HUL.1distancing will continue, but lest we forget, not everyone practiced social distancing at all times, so in nine months we should expect a bumper crop … of babies!  Meet the “CB Generation” … “Coronavirus Blessings” generation.

When it is over many, if not most of us, will be grieving … over what was lost, families and friends who died, businesses that went bankrupt, a world and way of life “lost,” maybe never to be recovered.  Of course everyone’s grief will be different.  Losing a loved one isn’t the same as needing to wear a mask in public to prevent someone else from losing their life.  But at all levels and for different reasons, we all will grieve over loses that the pandemic has forced on us.  One of the tremendous lessons of grieving is that although you would never choose it, you can grow through grief rather than just go through it.  Things will never be the same, but can eventually be “good” again, and maybe in some ways even better IF we learn from this experience.

Here’s where positive, affirmative, supportive, compassionate and honest leadership can really make a difference.  It was Teddy Roosevelt who called the office of the President a “bully pulpit” which, in the parlance of the day, did NOT mean mocking, name-calling and bullying people, but meant for Roosevelt that the office was a “bully pulpit” in that it was a terrific platform that could promote a plan and agenda for the good of all the nation.  We need leaders at all levels of society who can step up and lead us positively forward.   This can be seen just as a dissaster, or as an opportunity to learn, improvise, create and improve.   Darwin said it well . .


On a sour note, Panama being Panama with a long history of politicians and lawyers ripping off the people . . . over the weekend, in the midst of a total lockdown at 7 PM Panama City errupted in protest in a way only Panama can do.  Mimicking one of the most effective ways the people had to protest the dictatorship of Manuel Noriega,  This is what happened …

“The protest was called by social network users, who are confined to their homes due to the pandemic due to the new coronavirus.

“They demand transparency in government purchases for health issues, as well as in the good use of public funds, and they call an investigation of the multi-million purchase of hospital ventilators and other items to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

“On April 27, President, Laurentino Cortizo, accepted the resignation of  Vice Minister of the Presidency Juan Carlos Muñoz, who earlier had struggled to explain why they were going to buy 100 fans at a six or seven times the going price.

“The scandal erupted  after the digital medium Foco announced that the unit price of the purchase was $48,950 when in the market they could  be purchased at $6,900.” [NEWSROOM PANAMA]