These are Quick Guides that I use for cruise line guests. Copyright 2012 RLD.  May not be reproduced without permission. 

Cruise Line Does It All – Ship Tour – Cruise line does all the research and planning and you sit back and enjoy. The best way to see the most in a limited time and can be the most cost-effective. Ship does not leave until all ship tours are back.

You Do It All – “Independent.” For people who like to do their own research & planning using travel guidebooks, Internet, etc. You do the work and you are independent. It is your responsibility to get back to the ship on time. [Independent group tours generally are best booked online in advance based on recommendations you trust.]

• Richard’s Port Talks – Live and on cabin TV
• Tourist Board Web sites: and [This is a local group that offers three local tours that you book from tartan-clad volunteers on the dock.]
• Cruise line provided port map & guide delivered to your stateroom
• There are many detained and interactive maps available online. Due to copyright regulations Princess cannot download and provide these but you can access them independently online.

• Although part of the European Union, the UK is not part of the Euro-zone
• Currency is British Pound Sterling and you will need local currency
• Exchange bureau is in the Terminal
• Obviously rates change daily: check online for current exchange
• Tipping: 10-15%

Getting Around
• About 500 yards walking to the Port Gate – approximately1/4 of a mile to town
• Town of 78,000 most of what you want to see is outside of town: Scottish countryside, Glasgow & Edinburg
• Tourist kiosk in Terminal offers FREE 1 hour tour of Greenock
• Train station is approximately 1 mile

• Largest city in Scotland with population of 625,000, Metro area 2.5 million
• Taxi about 60GBP return plus waiting time
• Train 40 minutes about 11 GBP
• If you want to be independent “Edinburgh On Your Own” is a better choice
• Hop On Hop Off Bus available– can be booked online or on the spot – about 11 GBP
• Best way to get around Glasgow is the subway. The Discovery Ticket gives you one day unlimited travel on the subway for just 3.50 GBP. It is available all day, every day of the week, and is a great way to explore Glasgow and can be purchased at any Subway ticket office.
• Don’t miss:  Glasgow Cathedral,  Kelvingrove Art Gallery,  Burrell Collection

• Capital with population of 470,000
• Taxi about 220 GBP return plus waiting time
• Train to Edinburgh 35 GBP return and the journey takes almost TWO hours PLUS the time to change trains in Glasgow.
• If you want to be independent “Edinburgh On Your Own” is a better choice
• Hop On Hop Off Bus available – can be booked online or on the spot – about 12 GBP
• Don’t Miss:  Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, John Knox House, Sir Walter Scott Monument,  Robert Burns Memorial, • Holyrood Palace and Abbey Ruins

2012 – Information provided by local agents and believed to be accurate but not guaranteed.

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