Cruise Line Does It All – Ship Tour – Cruise line does all the research and planning and you sit back and enjoy. The best way to see the most in a limited time and can be the most cost-effective. Ship does not leave until all ship tours are back.

You Do It All – “Independent.” For people who like to do their own research & planning using travel guidebooks, Internet, etc. You do the work and you are independent. It is your responsibility to get back to the ship on time. [Independent group tours generally are best booked online in advance based on recommendations you trust.]

• Richard’s Port Talks – Live and on cabin TV
• Tourist Information Web site:
• Cruise line provided port map & guide delivered to your stateroom
• There are many detained and interactive maps available online. Due to copyright regulations the cruise line cannot download and provide these but you can access them independently online.

• Although part of the European Union, the UK is not part of the Euro-zone
• Currency is British Pound Sterling and you will need local currency
•  Obviously rates change daily: check online for current rate
• Tipping: 10-15%

Getting Around
• Anchor in Falmouth Bay – 20-25 minute tender ride
• Town about 20 minute walk from tender pier
• Often cruise line shuttle available – takes about 10 minutes
• Taxis generally take only local currency, 3 to 4 GBP to town
• Once the center of the tin industry, Falmouth today is a village of 22,000 part of the larger Cornwall area which survives mainly on tourism

• Pendennis Castle – built by Henry VIII 1514 – daily 10am-4pm, 6.3 GBP, about  1mile, taxi about 10 GBP
• St Mawes Castle, part of a chain of defensive forts built 1539 to 1545 – 10am-4pm, 4.30 GBP, ferry access from Falmouth every 20 minutes, about 8 GBP
• National Maritime Museum, 10am-5pm, 9.50 GBP
• Big tourist area and there are many cute seaside towns in the region


One thought on “Falmouth, Wales

  1. I sailed from Falmouth in 1944 for the invasion of France. Are there any sites or mementos of those events on the beach or in town that I might visit?

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