Gelato in San Gimignano:  It Just Doesn't Get Any Better
Gelato in San Gimignano: It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better

If I could live somewhere else in the world, besides Panama, where would it be?  Either Tuscany or one of the Greek Islands – I haven’t decided which one yet since there are so many.  Only one problem: it gets winter in Italy and Greece.  I have the “bougainvillea standard of living”: if bougainvillea doesn’t grow there, I don’t grow there.

I love Italy, particularly the region of Tuscany.  I love the Amalfi coast, me and a lot of rich movie stars like Sofia Loren, Cinque Terre, Portofino and even Rome, although, like the Pope, I’d get out of Rome in the summer when it is jammed with tourists.  Italy has all of these wonderful, medieval hilltop villages.  And even although it’s not on a hilltop I love Lucca.  But it gets cold in the winter, so I just have to settle for living where it is always warm and tropical, and Bougainvillea grows in abundance.

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