OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese are Quick Guides that I use for cruise line guests. Copyright 2012 RLD.  May not be reproduced without permission. 

Cruise Line Does It All – Ship Tour – Cruise line does all the research and planning and you sit back and enjoy. The best way to see the most in a limited time and can be the most cost-effective. Ship does not leave until all ship tours are back.

You Do It All – “Independent.” For people who like to do their own research & planning using travel guidebooks, Internet, etc. You do the work and you are independent. It is your responsibility to get back to the ship on time. [Independent group tours generally are best booked online in advance based on recommendations you trust.]

• Richard’s Port Talks – Live and on cabin TV
• Tourist Information Web site: www. http://us.franceguide.com/, http://www.normandie-tourisme.fr/normandy-tourism-109-2.html
• Cruise line provided port map & guide delivered to your stateroom
• There are many detained and interactive maps available online. Due to copyright regulations cruise line cannot download and provide these but you can access them independently online.


• France is part of the Euro-zone and uses the Euro
• Obviously rates change daily: check online for current exchange
• “Service compris” on your bill means no tip is required, but most locals leave up to 10 percent in coins, otherwise tipping: 10-15%

Getting Around
• Dock at big commercial port often not permitted to walk through port area and shuttle required – Terminal has some shops, telephones and exchange
• Taxis outside port area – town about 1 mile, taxi about 10 Euros – taxi fares http://www.taxis-le-havre.com/tarif.php

Sightseeing: Le Havre
• LeHavre Cathedral built 1520 , one of few structures to survive war
• Musee Andre Malraux – second most extensive impressionist collection in France, 11am-6pm, closed Tues, 5 Euro
• Graville Abbey, a 13th century monastery on Northern Bank of Seine River
• Honfluer has a quaint old harbor spared during the war as well as an old wooden church taxi about 125 Euro

Sightseeing: Paris
• Le Havre train station is about a 2 mile or 10 minute taxi ride, 2.5 – 3 hour trip to Paris if all goes well – about $86 2nd class
• Trains roughly every hour, check schedules and fares at http://www.SNCF.com
• “Paris on Your Own” is best of both worlds, from the pier to city center, near Place de la Concorde, tour brings you back to the ship, about 10 hours
• Several companies in Paris offer hop on hop off type bus tours around 29 Euro
• Metro is a very useable system – helpful to know a little French, watch transfer points. Tickets sold from automated machines taking coins or debit cards – language can be changed to English, ticket about 1.60 Euro, all day ticket about 6 Euro
• Warning: Don’t try and see it all! Pick one or two things to enjoy.
• Notre Dame Cathedral construction started in 1163
• Eiffel Tour completed 1889 – Three visitor levels – tickets for elevator or stairs – first level is over 300 stairs, prices vary – ticket to top floor 13.10 Euro – can be purchased on line www.toureiffel.fr
• Louvre – Opens at 9am daily except Tuesday, 15,000 visitors a day, can buy tickets online about $15 US http://www.louvre.fr/en/online-tickets
• Musee d’Orsay – Open 9:30 daily except Mondays, 8 Euro
• Versailles – 17.1 km (10.6 mi) from Paris, because of time required not recommended to attempt independently – if you want to see Versailles book the tour or take a taxi 395 Euro (allow a least 8 hours)
• Normandy Landing Beaches – About 2 hours from Le Havre to Omaha Beach another 45 minutes to Utah Beach, possible to take a taxi at about 475 E for 5-6 people, plus additional time. Train, bus, taxi combinations may also be possible but much of your time will be spent figuring out and connecting – Easiest to take the tour and get the information from an English-speaking guide

2012 – Information provided by local agents and believed to be accurate but not guaranteed

Honfleur 057

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