Richard Detrich – “Interesting, funny & informative”

 “Richard Detrich – interesting, funny & informative!”

“Richard Detrich’s presentations greatly added to the enjoyment of our cruise. His talks helped us understand and appreciate the places and cultures we visited and experienced on the days at sea. We looked forward to and really enjoyed his lectures.”

Dr Richard Detrich

Experience onboard as Destination Presenter

 CelebrityINFINITY [2006 Panama Canal], GALAXY [2008 Greek Islands], MILLENNIUM [2007 Mediterranean], ECLIPSE [2015 Europe &Canary Islands]

CrystalCRYSTAL HARMONY [1992 Trans-Atlantic], CRYSTAL SYMPHONY [2012 Panama Canal]

Holland AmericaVEENDAM [2007, 2009 Panama Canal], AMSTERDAM [2008,2007 Northern Europe], VOLENDAM [2002, 2008 Panama Canal, South America, Africa], ROTTERDAM [2002 South America, 2007 Panama Canal], ZUIDERDAM [Panama Canal], PRINSENDAM [2004 Caribbean], STATENDAM [2003 Trans-Atlantic]

Oceania INSIGNIA [2023 Central & South America]

Pearl SeasPEARL MIST [2016, 2017, 2023 Great Lakes, Canada/New England, 2017, 2019, Cuba, 2018, Great Lakes, Cuba, 2020 Great Lakes, Maine & Canadian Harbors, Historic Cities of The East Coast]

Private Yacht ARCTIC P – 289 Foot Yacht [2018 Panama Canal, Cuba]

Princess – Contractor/Crew CORAL PRINCESS [2017 Panama Canal, Caribbean], OCEAN PRINCESS [2016 South America, Panama Canal], GRAND PRINCESS [2012 Northern Europe/British Isles], RUBY PRINCESS [2012 Europe & Mediterranean], ISLAND PRINCESS [2015 & 2015 Panama Canal], PACIFIC PRINCESS [2009 Europe & Mediterranean, 2011 World Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale, 2010 Holy Land & Egypt, Panama Canal], ROYAL PRINCESS [Europe, Trans-Atlantic, Caribbean, Amazon, 2018 British Isles  2019], DAWN PRINCESS [2010 World Cruise from Sydney, Black Sea], CARIBBEAN PRINCESS [2017 Panama Canal new locks, 2015 Caribbean, Trans-Atlantic]

Road Scholar – [2019, 2020 Panama & Central America]

SilverseaSILVER WHISPER [2016 Bermuda/Caribbean, 2017 Panama Canal], SILVER SPIRIT [2015 Caribbean]

AmericanQUEEN OF THE WEST [2017, 2021 Columbia/Snake Rivers], Contractor AMERICAN CONSTITUTION [2018 Grand New England], AMERICAN SPIRIT [2021 Puget Sound & San Juan Islands]. AMERICAN PRIDE [2021, 2023 Columbia/Snake Rivers], AMERICAN STAR [2021 New England Harbors]. AMERICAN HARMONY [2021 Columbia/Snake Rivers], AMERICAN JAZZ [2023 Columbia/Snake Rivers]

Panama City Conventions – American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers 2015, Advance Trading 2016, 2020


Over 300 destinations worldwide – Canada, US, Central America, South America, South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean & Europe – destination and special interest presntations related to destinations – Lecture Destinations Richard Cruising Around The World

Availability – inquire. Sometimes available for last-minute assignments. .
13690 Harbor Lane, Anacortes, WA 98221
US Passport –  Bermuda Seaman’s Book

001 Richard Detrich Princess Lecture

Academic Background

PhD – California Graduate School of Theology (Church & Nonprofit Administration)
Marquette University (completed course work for EdD but did not do thesis)
MBA – California State University Northridge (International Business)
BDiv, MDiv – Western Theological Seminary (Theology)
BA – Calvin College/University (Psychology & Sociology)

Prior Experience

Real Estate Agent, Troop Real Estate, Ventura, CA
Web Consultant re-branding Apex Fitness (24 Hour Fitness), Camarillo, CA
Director of Ecommerce, 24 Hour Fitness, Pleasanton, CA
Owner, Just Cruising, Westlake Village and Camarillo, CA
Associate Pastor, United Methodist Church, Westlake Village, CA
Pastor, Reformed Church in America, Bronx, NY, Milwaukee, WI, Littleton, CO
Executive Director, Haven House Drug Rehabilitation Center, Bronx, NY



Sample Lectures

Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities and here’s a talk from the final cruise on OCEAN PRINCESS going around South America just before she ship was sold by Princess.

More talks available on my YouTube Channel – These were filmed by cruise ships onboard for rebroadcast on stateroom TV. Production quality varies greatly.

Guest Comments

Adv Trading 1

“Mr. Detrich presented information – rich, engaging, and helpful port talks. He was knowledgeable about the ports, their history, and excursion options. He elevated my cruise experience above what I had thought would be possible given the time in each port.”

“Richard, is extremely knowledgeable, humorous, and prepares you for your visit to each city in Cuba.”

“Our family loved Richard Detrich. Not only were his presentations interesting, but he was so approachable and helpful with good advice on excursions and things to do.”

“Incredibly he kept my husband awake throughout his talks!”

“Richard’s presentations were fantastic! Easy to understand, very interesting and informative.”

“The best port presenter!! We learned so much and we were also entertained. Thanks!”

“Excellent speaker, intelligent, informative and funny – makes even history, interesting”

“Excellent presentations! Knowledgeable, entertaining and great delivery!”

“Dr. Detrich did an amazing job and we never missed one of his informative talks. His broad knowledge and witty commentary always kept you riveted and he was a highlight of our sea.”

“Outstanding local knowledge, excellent presentation, very approachable.”

“We listened to as many of his presentations as possible. We found the lectures on board added so much to the trip. Richard is outstanding!”


“In addition to excellent presentations and presentation delivery, Richard went out of his way to be helpful to us on many occasions.”

“Excellent speaker! Richard spent extra time to explain facets of the cruise and made me as a passenger feel ‘special’ and not rushed through.”

“I enjoyed your talks immensely and wish I could have had the honor of having you as a guest lecturer in my classroom.”

“We were very impressed with Richard. His talks were informative, funny and on point – great addition to the cruising experience.”

“The presentations given were exceptional – Richard is knowledgeable and can hold an audience.”

“What impressed me most on this cruise were the talks by Dr. Richard. Of all the cruises I have taken he has to be the most intelligent speaker I have ever listened to. He has a way of making all his topics very informative but his way of delivering his speeches made it great listening.”

“We are really enjoying the Panama presentations! Dr. Detrich brings life to education. His insight on the various countries and their cultures makes learning entertaining.”

“Panama Canal lecturer Richard Detrich is fantastic. His series of presentations are among the most interesting I have attended among enrichment lectures at sea.”

“It’s not my piece of cake listen to lectures, however having Richard Detrich telling you all about your next port of call is one of the many great things we have experienced aboard.”

“You made our trip to Cuba really special.  Your explanations were clear and concise.   We enjoyed meeting you.”

“Richard Detrich’s presentations greatly added to the enjoyment of our cruise. His talks helped us understand and appreciate places and cultures we visited and experienced. On the sea days we especially looked forward to and really enjoyed his lectures.”

“We were very impressed with Richard’s knowledge and presentations.”

“Dr. Richard Detrich is interesting, informative and has a good sense of humor.”

“Your lectures were interesting, topical and very informative.”

“Richard D’s presentations on the Panama Canal and coffee were excellent and informative. They were extremely well done and easy to understand. A great amount of information was presented and worth my time.”

“Richard Detrich – interesting, funny & informative!”

“Richard Detrich was very informative in every talk. Jokes made talks interesting. A real plus.”

“Richard Detrich was an excellent addition to the cruise. His talks, especially about the Canal, were fun and informative. He was also available at other times for talk and questions.”

“Dr. Detrich – excellent guest lecturer! Very knowledgeable and informative.”

“Dr. Richard Detrich was such fun – we laughed and laughed. He took lemons & “made lemonade” out of a computer glitch.”

“Richard Detrich’s presentations on the Panama Canal were wonderful – very informative! (His coffee lecture was also great!) My main reason for this cruise was to learn about, see and experience the locks. The information he presented was important to that. He is an excellent speaker and is a valuable asset to your cruise line.”

“Richard, who did the Panama Canal commentary, did a fabulous job.”

“I loved the talks by Dr. Detrich and hope in the future there will be more lectures of this caliber on the more exotic cruises.”

“We have thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Detrich’s humor and lectures and have learned a great deal about Panama, pirates, and countries in the Caribbean. His knowledge enriched our experiences and guided us on our journey. Kudos to you for choosing this lecturer!”

“Richard Detrich delivered very educational, entertaining, engaging and thoughtful presentations. There should be more such daily events.”

“Dr. Detrich was honest and forthright in his comments and certainly wasn’t selling tours. We took particular note of his negative view of Casablanca (turned out to be true) and his prediction of the long lineups for St. Peter’s in Rome (also true). This information was very helpful in choosing our shore excursions.” Cruise Critic

“Detrich was actually informative without trying to give a sales pitch for either tours or shopping. (My travel companion summed it up when she said, “He doesn’t give you the hard sell, but at the end of the presentation, you want to go on all the tours.”) He was the most useful source for destination information onboard. . . “ Erica Silverstein, Senior Editor Cruise Critic

“Dr Richard Detrich … He loves sharing his passion with passengers during entertaining lectures and informal “chats” around the ship.” Robin Robinson, TORONTO SUN

Team Comments

“Richard Detrich has done an excellent job as Port Lecturer and our passengers have been constantly commenting both verbally and through our onboard evaluations, how his presentations help them to appreciate and enjoy our ports of call. Richard is definitely a very skilled communicator. He presents great information with enthusiasm and humor. Richard has the ability to use information without any hard sell to encourage our passengers to book shore excursions on board significantly contributing to our on board revenues. Richard enjoys interacting with passengers and is very much appreciated by passengers and crew alike.” Arturo Calise, Hotel General Manager, ROYAL PRINCESS

“Richard’s lectures are well researched, informative and professional. He has worked together with the onboard videographer and produced a well narrated adventure for our passengers. Richard has also been a key asset to selling our shore excursions onboard and increased our overall revenue by 20%. Richard is a team player and we have thoroughly enjoyed working with him.” Bea van der Merwe, Shore Excursion Manager, ROYAL PRINCESS

Richard Detrich has been a great asset for the tour office promoting and advising passengers on the advantages of our tours. He is able to soft sell and endorse the tours in a fun and knowledgeable way, and after his talks there is always a line of passengers booking tours. At the beginning of each cruise Richard records a brief ‘Let The Adventure Begin’ segment for TV that teases his lectures, the upcoming ports, and our tours. We meet a couple of times at the beginning of the cruise and before the big ports in order to provide current and accurate information to passengers in order to maximize sales, minimize complaints, and exceed in passenger satisfaction. Richard helps with dispatch and participates in the tours which provides gives him up to date and fresh and accurate information. He is very knowledgeable of about our tour program as well as the itinerary.” Alicia Escolies Molina, Shore Excursion Manager, ISLAND PRINCESS

New Picture

“Richard has been a phenomenal Travel Guide. As it is the first time this position has been held on this ship, he has been very innovative creating a program from the ground up. He has formed a good working relationship with the Shore Excursion team and has increased sales and awareness of the excursions offered. The guests have found his style perfect both in listening to it live and on the television. Richard has consistently gone above and beyond to make this position valuable on this itinerary and is an incredible asset to the entertainment team.” Julie Seidel, Event Manager, ZUIDERDAM

“Richard is responsible for all questions relating to the ports of call in the itinerary. He advises, informs, and recommends what guests should do in port. His presentations are informative, well prepared and very well received by guests. His public speaking skills are phenomenal . . . Richard is organized, efficient, extremely competent and has excellent rapport with people of all ages. His communication skills, both written and verbal are excellent.” Yolanda Popelier-Visser, Shore Excursion Manager, ZUIDERDAM

“When Richard gives his lecture – our guests listen! We are overwhelmed in a positive way with guests booking tours after his presentations. His willingness to work closely with Shore Excursions Department has not only enriched our guests with knowledge about the ports of call we are visiting but the way in which he ‘soft sells’ the tours by giving first-hand knowledge of our program has increased the participation of guests on tour in each port of call. This has assisted the Shore Excursions Department in exceeding its revenue targets every cruise during the season. It is not uncommon for our guests to come to the Shore Excursion Office and say, ‘Richard says!’ for our guests value his guidance.” Chris Martyn, Shore Excursions Manager, ZUIDERDAM.

Bio/CV/Contact Information

That’s me with the cruise staff waving at the top of the steps on my first cruise ship gig on a Dutch Student Travel cruise on Holland America’s very old MAASDAM. I was just learning to drink and have no idea how, or why, I woke up in my bunk one morning wearing the Staff Captain’s uniform! True story! Guess I was learning to drink with a Dutchman and drinking Dutch genever.