OK, I am retired . . . well, more or less . . .

I’ve had a varied career … academic [BA, MDiv, MBA, PhD], minister, director of a drug rehab program, travel agency owner, director of ecommerce, and real estate agent … and what they’ve all had in common … communication. Whether it was papers or preaching, counseling or selling, the Internet or writing … the spoken word or written word … it’s all been about communication.

I’ve always loved cruising and lecturing on ships is something I’ve always wanted to do and it turns out I enjoy it and folks like me doing it . . . so, what the heck! It beats being a greeter at Wal Mart!

So I spend part of my time lecturing on ships and traveling around the world, part in “Paradise” on our beautiful coffee farm outside of Boquete, Panama where I enjoy time with my wife, dogs, gardening, reading, writing, walking and blogging.

Happily I’ve spent time working on Holland America, Princess, Silversea, Crystal, Celebrity and Pearl Seas. My travels have taken me all over the world, including two world cruises.  I’ve now over 271 lectures prepared for more than 229 ports around the world!

What do I do onboard?  You can see some of my talks on my  YouTube Channel.

What do folks say about my onboard presentations?  Here are some of the nice comments folks have made: Richard Onboard Comments.   And if you happen to work for a cruise line or be looking for a destination/port lecturer, here’s booking Information, speaking information, and a list of the ports about which I’ve lectured.


I’ve been hooked on travel ever since wandering around Europe as a student on my Eurail pass for four months on $4 a day – which included a place to stay, food, admissions, and even TIME magazine. Determined to get back the next summer he earned his passage working as cruise staff on a student ship to Europe. Prices had shot up, and three months that summer cost $5 a day!

Fresh out of seminary, I began volunteering as chaplain on cruise ships and then began taking groups along. With so many cruises under his belt, a local travel agency asked him to start giving classes to travel agents about selling cruise travel. Eventually Nikki and I opened several of the first “cruise only” travel agencies. Fascinated by the growth of the cruise industry, at age 53, I went back to school for an MBA thinking maybe I’d work for Princess or Crystal, both of whom were in the LA area. I detoured into the corporate world, getting involved as Director of Ecommerce for 24 Hour Fitness at the beginning of the Internet Age, while at the same time doing occasional volunteer cruise chaplain assignments and lecturing.

Beginning as a guest lecturer for Celebrity and Holland America, eventually I was invited to join the entertainment departments of Holland America in the then newly created position of Travel Guide. I went on to Princess as an onboard port and destination lecturer. I’ve made two cruises around the world with Princess, and my assignments have taken me to Amazonia, around South America, the South Seas, Australia, New Zealand, Asia,the Middle East, around Africa,the Black Sea, Europe, the Mediterranean, Central America, and the Caribbean. I particularly enjoy longer cruises and cruises with days at sea which provide opportunity to get to know the guests.

Living in Panama, I have an affinity for the Panama Canal, but I’ve also done the Suez Canal, Corinth Canal and Kiel Canal, and the North Sea Canal.

That’s me with the cruise staff waving at the top of the steps on my first cruise ship gig on a Dutch Student Travel cruise on Holland America’s very old MAASDAM. I was just learning to drink and have no idea how, or why, I woke up in my bunk one morning wearing the Staff Captain’s uniform! True story! Guess I was learning to drink with a Dutchman and drinking Dutch genever.