Panama: More Than A Canal

014Panama is SO much more than just the Canal!

For a tiny country Panama has an amazing variety! Choose between …

  • Rain forests and deserts
  • Booming cities and virgin jungles
  • Beaches on the Atlantic or Pacific

Consider that in Panama there are …

  • 940 bird species
  • 10,000 species of plants
  • 200 species of mammals
  • Mountain from which you can see 2 oceans
  • Rivers where you ride 20 sets of rapids in a afternoon
  • Greatest number of deep-sea fishing records have been set in the Pacific just off Chiriqui
  • Seven living indigenous Indian cultures who were here before Columbus arrived
  • 125 animal species found nowhere else in the world
  • 1500 miles of coastline

Panama is the “Crossroads of The World” and it is our famed Canal that “Brings The World Together.” Panama is booming economically with …

  • 100 International Banks
  • Registration of 25% of the world’s ships
  • A booming economy that has averaged 8.5% GDP growth for the past five years (’09-’14)
  • 70% of economy is service based
  • Second only to Hong Kong in the number of offshore-registered companies
  • Second largest free zone in the world
  • An ever growing airport that has become the “Hub of The Americas”
  • Recognition as the top international retirement destination
  • Panama City puts 159 new cars on the road every day
  • Cell phone penetration of 1.9 phones per person

All this is a tiny squiggle of a country that is slightly smaller than South Carolina that doesn’t have an army and has had free, democratic elections for over 25 years.