OK, it’s my home, so I’m more than a little biased!

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about Boquete:
oquete is a small town on the Caldera River, tucked into the green mountain highlands of  Panama, in western-most Chiriqui Province about 60 km from the border with Costa Rica. Chiriquí Province, about 60 km. from the border with Costa Rica. Because of its altitude, some 1,200 metres above sea level, its climate is refreshingly cooler than that of the lowlands. Its scenic location, temperature, and natural environment make it extremely popular with Panamanians, and with tourists from all over the world.

In Spanish, the word Boquete means ‘gap or opening’ or ‘hole’ (as in the mountains!).  It was through this gap that curious gold seekers trekked, looking for a cheaper and quicker way to the Pacific. Farmers began settling the region near the end of the 19th Century. By the early 20th century, several villages had been populated: Lino, Quiel, Bajo Mono, Los Naranjos, and Bajo Boquete, which now is the districts’ town center.

In addition to tourism, its main industry remains agriculture, especially the growing of coffee beans.

Some of its landmarks include nearby Volcan Baru, a dormant volcano and at some 3,475 meters, the tallest point of land in Panama.  Hikers enjoy a relatively easy hikeike[Richard: This guy never hiked it!] hike up and over the volcano, along the Sendero de los Quetzals, which runs from Boquete up to Cerro Punta and Volcan [Richard: Or vice versa, and it is easier coming from Cerro Punta to Boquete], on the other side of the volcano. [Richard: Unfortunately right now the trail has been closed to the public indefinitely.]  Boquete is known for its coffee, judged to be among the finest in the world.  The Caldera River runs through the town, a river that has shaped much of its form.

The district of Boquete has approximately 19,000 inhabitants (2008).  More recently, Boquete has become the second home to many North American and European retirees. Some 14% of its population are of foreign origin, according to La Prensa, a national newspaper. Ex-pats are attracted by the comfortable climate, excellent potable water, and clean air, by the tranquility, and by Panama’s relatively low cost of living.

It’s a little dated, but it’s a good glimpse into life in Boquete …

How to Get to Boquete

Getting to Panama

Copa (Panamanian Airline), United, Delta and American all have flights from the US and Canada to Panama City.  Spirit has direct flights from Fort Lauderdale – ungodly hours, but 3 hours and low prices if you don’t mind paying extra for everything!   I’d much rather enjoy the comfort and traditional old-style Fort Lauderdale-Panama flight on Copa.

Copa is my favorite airline once you are in the air [everything on the ground … Internet site, reservations, check in, etc., pretty much sucks] with new planes, nice seats, more legroom, free onboard entertainment, free drinks, and an old-style “airline food” meal, but at least it’s something to eat.  Copa flies direct to Tampa, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal.  Because Copa code shares with United, you have to be careful that your flights are actually operated by Copa or you may land up in the “friendly skies” (or is it the “unfriendly skies” of United) where you’ll be nickle and dimed like all the other carriers, and get a stale sandwich for dinner.

KLM, Iberia, Air France, and United have flights from Europe.   It is best to arrive in Panama City in the early morning and to schedule departure flights in the late afternoon if possible.  This will eliminate the need for an overnight hotel in Panama City.

Usually the international flights all arrive at Tocumen International Airport, about 45 minutes from downtown Panama City, depending on traffic.


The Pan American Highway from Panama City to David, and thence to Boquete takes 6-7 hours and while not an Interstate, isn’t a bad highway.  It is four lanes for almost half the trip, and then two or three lanes, much of which is hilly (beautiful scenery!)  You do not want to make this drive a night because sections of the highway that are not well-marked by US standards.

Santiago is the half-way point and there is a Mc Donald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken which the locals use as rest stops because they have nice bathrooms (generally with toilet paper).  (Hint: Always travel with a small roll of toilet paper tucked away.)  There is a cute Mexican-themed hotel there as well as a brand-new hotel called Myknos.

I figure 5 ½ to  6 hours Panama City to David, and another 35-40 minutes from David to Boquete.  (Hint: A Panamanian would never be so anal about driving time!)

Getting out of Panama City will be your only major challenge.  Your goal is to drive THROUGH the city without getting lost.  Before leaving the airport get detailed directions.  You’ll take Corridor del Sur (toll road) into the city from Tocumen.  You will come out on to the new Cinta Costera a parkway skirting the city on one side and the Bay of Panama on the other.  You bear right at the end which will take you on a elevated causeway over part of the city and empty out onto a jammed road called the Avenida de los  Mártires  which you will creep along following signs to the Bridge of The Americas.  Driving in Panama City is horrendous (that from an ex-New Yorker, ex-Californian!) and it is easy to go in circles.  (Hint: If you get lost, hire a taxi to lead the way.)

Update: There is major, major construction going on all over Panama City: new sewers, freeways, subway so it is more than the usual zoo.  If you are going to attempt the drive, I recommend leaving around 4:30AM at the latest to avoid traffic.

Rental cars are also available at the airport in David, if you choose to fly to David. Given the state of construction in Panama City that would be my recommendation.

Good maps are essential but hard to find in local bookstores.   The National Geographic Panama map map is well-worth it and if you’re thinking about moving to Panama or just visiting it is a good investment.  The other good map, more just a good map without all the facts,  is International Travel Maps: PANAMA.  The scale of this map makes it easy to read and to use.

By Air 

Panama City has two airports.  You will arrive at the International Airport, Tocumen, which is about 35 km from downtown.  Domestic flights leave from Albrook or Gelabert Airport in the old Canal Zone.  It’s  a $35 cab ride between airports, plus tolls if you use Corridor del Sur  (Hint: As in any country, ask the fare and establish the price before getting in the cab, but $35 IS the official price between airports.  $30 plus toll is the official price between the International airport at Tocumen and downtown Panama City.

Air Panama has flights www.flyairpanama.com but their system never seems to accept US credit cards, and they don’t publish schedules more than a few months in advance.  Typically they want you to email them requesting a reservation and them they may email you back.  Is this any way to run an airline?  I think not, but . . . hey, welcome to Panama!   We’re hoping that Panama’s major airline, Copa, will start flying this route, and more importantly start flying direct between David and the US.

My suggestion: See a little of Panama City on the way to Albrook.  Negotiate with a cab driver to hire him as a driver for about $20 an hour.  Have him show you the city: the causeway, the canal and locks, then have him drop you off at the Albrook Mall.  It’s a nice, Miami-style mall with an enormous food court.  Relax.  The Albrook airport is 15 minutes away.  Show up at least an hour early for your flight.

There is a better way if what you really want to see is Boquete and the Chiriqui Highlands.  Copa now flies from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City to David, which is the nearest airport for Boquete (45 minutes away).  Using the Copa flight PTY-DAV avoids the hassle of commuting between the International and National airports.  And, even better, you can book your trip on Copa or United from your home city to David.  So for example from Denver you’d book DEN-PTY-DAV, and while you still may need an overnight, you should be able to book your luggage through and avoid paying Air Panama’s excessive extra luggage charge.  [My two 50 pound suitcases that go free on international flights usually cost me $65 extra on Air Panama!]

The flight to David is 30-45 minutes depending on the aircraft.  When they use the 737 jets you are barely at cruising altitude before starting your descent.  You’ll see the Canal and Centennial Bridge from the air, fly over gorgeous mountains and jungle, see the Pacific islands off David, and generally the afternoon flight is an E-ticket ride (warm air currents rising off the lowlands), but relax, these guys do this every day!

It’s a $35 cab ride from David airport to Boquete (again, arrange fare first), or just rent a car.  All of the major car companies now have outlets at the David airport.

Panama City Hotels

If you do end up with a forced overnight in Panama, here are some hotels I like.  Riande Airport Hotel is right outside the airport and they provide free shuttle too and from Tocumen.  They have a delightful pool area and the hotel has been nicely renovated. A little pricey, but very nice.

If you plan to stay downtown in Panama City shop around for hotel rates.  Panama City is overbuilt with hotels so you can come up with some really good rates..

The Casco Viejo is the old, colonial, historic area of Panama City and if you’re staying a few days in Panama, there are some fantastic boutique hotels in this area.  A little pricey, but a fascinating area to explore.

If you are staying overnight in Panama City, you might as well just spend a few days and see something of Panama City.  The City-sightseeing.com Hop On Hop Off bus is a great way to see Panama at your own speed and is only around $30.

If you want to see a little of Panama City you can hire a taxi driver and you should be able to negotiate (of course in advance!) for about $20-25 an hour.  Many locals do just that when they go to Panama City to conduct business to avoid the hassles of driving in Panama City.

Pacific Queen is a small boat that actually offers a day-trip transit of the canal.  Pricey, but cheaper than a full canal cruise on Princess or Holland America! http://www.pmatours.net/

If you have a day you can take a never-to-be forgotten trip deep into the jungle to an Embera Indian village. Embera Village Tours offers a guided tour from Panama City that includes transportation from your hotel, ride by dug out canoe to the village, lunch, and commentary by a knowledgeable guide.  Cost runs from $90-$190 per person, depending on the number of participants.  ($190 is for a solo tour.) On our most recent trip we saw amazing birds, turtles, even a monkey and a huge alligator!  The Embera have spectacular baskets and carvings that they offer for sale at the village.  You will be amazed to learn of the many plants the Embera use for natural healing and to hear the stories of modern pharmaceutical companies who have visited to learn the secrets of jungle plants.

There are whale watching tours in season and year round dolphin and snorkel trips to the Pearl Islands from Panama City.

By Bus

Express buses leave the main Panama City bus terminal at Allbrook for David.  $15.  Takes 7 hours with a rest stop halfway.  Be sure you pay a little extra for the express bus! They arrive in David and you can get a cab to Boquete for about $30.  Buses are big tourist-type buses, air-conditioned (sometimes to a fault).  Some of the buses are even equipped with wi-fi.  It’s a good way to see the scenery without the hassles of driving unfamiliar roads.  I know a lot of expats use the bus: I tried it once and NEVER again.

What is there to do in Boquete for tourists?

Chiriqui River Rafting is a family operation  located in Boquete using US-style river rafting equipment and offering a variety of adventurous river rafting experiences on the rushing Chriqui rivers, offering class II, III & IV adventures. http://www.panama-rafting.com

In addition there are coffee tours, mountain tours, rock climbing, horseback riding, ATV rentals, bike and scooter rentals, zip lining at Boquete Tree Trek, hiking and bird watching tours.  You’ll find several offices on Avenida Central offering a wide variety of tours.

Property Tours & Seminars

Property Tours & Seminars are a big business!  You may find them helpful, particularly if you are hesitant to visit an area for the first time.  However, take everything with a grain of salt.  These are generally expensive, far more expensive than hiring us to show you Chiriqui, and you are a “captive audience”.  So, if you want to spend your money, fine, just go it with eyes wide open.  It’s not quite as bad as, but a little like, time share tours.

The Panama Relocation Tour is different from the rest.  It is designed to give you an overview of life in Panama, to cover practical things like visas, bank accounts, shopping, and give you the opportunity to meet real expats living in Panama and pick their brains to receive unfiltered answers.  It is not about selling you real estate, but about giving you an overview of possible areas of the country where you might want to live and helping you understand how things work.  My book THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING & RETIRING IN PANAMA is the “textbook” if you will.  Interested?  We’d love to have you visit! 


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Topographical – high point is Volcan Baru, above our little town of Boquete and our coffee finca in Palmira:


Chiriqui – This is the state or province in which we live:


Chiriqui Detail – We live in Boquete and do most of our shopping in David and David is where the hospitals are located:

Chiriqui Detail

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  1. every one in boquete who loves the doctrines of grace please visit our chat room at reforma-panama.Go to yahoo groups type in reforma-panama.We would to hear from you.
    Grace and peace,
    Dave Brunk

  2. I wish we could have found a site this informative BEFORE we went to Costa Rica.

    Thanks again for this great site!

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  3. Thanks for the good info. I am planning my trip to Boquete for 2/28/09,arriving 10:30 am. Any problem to hook up with the 4:00pm flight to David? Thought i would have time for5 the cab tour of Panama City,but forgot about getting thru customs. I, for one really appreciate all the research you put in your website. Anyway you respond is ok with me.(email,here,etc.)

  4. Hi Richard,
    Larry and I would like to thank for your hospitality and wonderful conversation on our Holiday cruise. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and learning about life in Panama. We wish you the very best in 2009 and hope this year will be one of your best. Thanks again for your kindness.
    Barbara & Larry

  5. Hi Richard,
    We were on the last Panama cruise (Feb 27th sailing) and really enjoyed your talks. We spoke to you in the library and you were most kind to tell us about life in Panama. We are a fifty-something couple with very definite plans to semi-retire in Central America and your talks helped us zero in on Panama in general and Boquete in particular. I am an interior designer and Dennis is a yacht broker but we are the entreprenerial kind so anything is possible! I plan to become TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certified in the next few months. BTW, we’ve been in contact with Mickey & Squirt about a possible home exchange. We have a lovely condo on Daytona Beach, 1 hour from Disney/Universal/Kennedy Space Center. We mentioned your name and they told us about Nicki and her musical talents. We both have theatre experience, too!
    Best to you,
    Christy & Dennis
    PS –Not expecting a reply!

  6. Hi Richard,
    Just yesterday I was learning of how you decided to retire to Panama! Now, I am at home in the NC foothills – not too bad a place!! My sister and I thoroughtly enjoyed listening to your talks about Panama. My sister lives in the Bronx and her late husband taught there for many years. We didn’t get a chance to ask if you might have known another Protestant minister friend of theirs during that same time. Think he was Presbyterian! I hope to see you again, if not in Panama, on another dam ship!!

  7. Hi Richard,
    My sister Harriet Hailey and I are missing your wonderful talks this week! You were a real highlight of our recent cruise to Panama, and I do like the idea of having a Travel Planner onboard! You can call us “guys” any day of the week!!!

    Harriet mentioned my late husband taught at Intermediate School 148 in the South Bronx during the time you served as Minister there…troubled times!! A good friend was another Minister during that time, James Keller…did you happen to know him?

    Looking forward to another trip on a HAL ship…hope you are there!
    Thanks for making this cruise so special!

    Nancy Donahue
    PS: I’m still in the Bronx after 50 years…it grows on you!

  8. Hi Richard,

    Thanks so much for the wealth of informaton on your site. My husband and I have returned to the U.S. after living for eight months in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and are looking for our next adventure.
    One of the things we loved most in Merida is the wonderful richness of friendship in the expat community. I am guessing it is the same in Panama. Hope to come there at some point to see the beautiful region of Boquete and meet some new friends.
    By the way, we both have theatre experience too!

    Keep up the good work on the blog!

    Kind regards,

    Dena and Michael

  9. I love your website. I have been researching Panama for the last 2 years. My husband and I are making our way down there in 01/10. We will be staying in various areas throughout Northern Panama. I am AF retired and my husband will be retiring in 2011. I am also a teacher with certification in ESL and ESLBL. He does remodeling jobs on the side. We look forward to our relocation adventures and thank-you for the vast information your site provides.

  10. Hi Richard,
    Is it easy to “Rent by Owner” for a couple of months in Boquete or would Isle Verde be the way to go? My husband & I would love to visit Boquete for the months of Jan. & Feb. in 2011. I used to live in Panama City in the 70’s and Boquete was my favourite get-away. The Panamonte was the only hotel at that time and I loved it. My husband has never been to Central America so I would love to share this with him. I would also like to take a Spanish course at the Boquete Language School. I find your Blog so interesting – thank you so much!

  11. Before I moved to the North Georgia mountains ten years ago I was a member of North Atlanta Community Church, the only Dutch Reform church in Georgia. I don’t suppose there’s one in Boquete?

    My wife and I are making arrangements to move to Boquete, probably this summer. We’re looking to buy a lot at either The Springs or Boquete Plantation. We’re probably going to use Prestige Builders in Boquete. Any thoughts?

    We’ve found Jason Cohen at Casa Solution to be excellent with respect to real estate. In a period of eight hours he found us two desirable home sights, set up a meeting with Prestige Builders, and also a meeting with Juan Auguilera Franceschi, a Panamanian attorney with an excellent law firm.

    Then we drove back to Tocumen, through Panama City, in a record nine and a half hours. Apparently Panama doesn’t believe in signs, especially ones to the airport and we got caught in the 5PM gridlock. What a nightmare! Never again!

    We stayed at the Riande in order to catch an 8:30AM flight to Atlanta and the following week the owners made the mistake of emailing me a questionairre evaluating the property. My candor level was particularly high that day.

    Would love to hear from you if possible.

  12. Hi Richard;

    My wife is Costa Rican, and wants me to retire there, but I am trying to convince her that the Boquete area is the place to be! Costa Rica is no longer a safe place to visit, and crime is on the rise. I have seen some rental homes listed on Craigs List for around $600.00 per month for a 3 or 4 bedroom home. Is that about the norm for rental homes in Boquete? How much monthly income would you need to live there? I spent 8 years of my Air Force carreer in the Albrook/Howard AFB area beginning in the old Canal Zone days back in 1977. Those were the days! I look forward to hearing from you, Richard. Thanks! Oh, by the way, we are all bilingual in my family. I was a Spanish Radio Operator in the Air Force, and learned Spanish at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey,CA. Take care.

  13. Hi Richard,

    I’m an 18-year-old girl and I’m going to travel through Costa Rica and Panama this July. (I’m really looking forward to it!)
    My last week in Panama will be in Boquete and then I’ll take the plane to Holland again. But I have a question about the buses. My plane leaves at 20:00 on sunday. Do you think I will make it from Boquete to Panama City by bus on that sunday and be on time to catch my plane?
    Your website is really helpfull and I hope you can help me with this too!

  14. Hey All, Hey Dick, haven’t seen you in Boquete for a while. When are you back?
    For all those interested, I have recently written a book in downloadable PDF form;
    “The Boquete(Not for Tourists!)Handbook – An Insider’s Guide to Surviving LIfe in Boquete”
    It is both for residents and for those thinking about relocating here. A lot of necessary info in one place.
    Best regards,
    Dianne H

    Diane, Would this announcent pass muster at Tuesday morning? If so, I’ll let your not-to-subtle commercial ride. Having spent 180 days with a shipload of your Aussie buddies . . . See you shortly! – Richard

  15. Hi Richard – I was very happy to read your review of Isla Verde in Boquete, where I’ve lived and worked for the past 4 1/2 years as a professional therapeutic massage therapist. If you’d care to mention my little spa as part of Isla Verde’s offerings for our guests, that would be great! Many thanks!

  16. I’ve been researching getting to boquete via San Jose to David and skipping all the time wasted getting to Allbrook.I hate wasting valuable vacation time at airports,and I’ve been to Panama city before and don’t see it as a destination point. If we take a red eye to San Jose then transfer to air panama to David, we will be in Boquette in the afternoon. Any thoughts?

    Dennis, Fine, but last time I looked the flights from San Jose to David are just on certain days . . . so as long as you are arriving in San Jose on those dates, and have sufficient connection time, sounds fine! You will find most of the major rental agencies in David, however, fleets size is limited, so good idea to reserve in advance. Regards, Richard

  17. We are going to be arriving in Panama City Feb. 1 in
    the evening. I’d like to have a cab driver set up to
    meet us and take us to our hotel. And, I understand
    that the driver can get us a cell phone programmed in
    English with calling cards. Any suggestions?

  18. Hello again ! after reading these latest comments it just gives me more questions ! If we decided to “land” in Boquete area on our relocation journey, and use that as our home base while we are looking around, ( which we are anticipating being 6 mos to a year) we would be bringing our 3 boxers. So my question would be on how we would get them to Boquete lol — would there be any other choices besides renting a car ? how pet friendly is Panama ? Thanks Richard ! (and friends)

  19. Richard, My wife, Lesley, and I are headed to Boquete from March 31st to April 3rd. We are staying at the Panamonte Inn and would very much appreciate it if you had some time available to speak with us. We were almost certainly neighbors in California. I worked at Amgen and lived in Thousand Oaks for amost eight years. We are interested in Boquete as a potential retirement site. We could even have dinner at the Inn at our expense, if you have time.

    All the best,

    Jerry Sullivan

    Hi Jerry! I am now on the PACIFIC PRINCESS World Cruise somewhere in the Pacific headed toward Tahiti and will not be back in Boquete when you visit, unfortunately for me. You will love the Panamonte. Good choice. Old, traditional, European hotel. Great food, ambience and service. If you are going to be there on a Tuesday, go to the Market & Tuesday Morning Meeting at the Event Center. I’m sure you will find lots of expat residents willing to share their experiences. Take a look at my home in Valle Escondido. Ask John to show it to you. It’s for sale and has the best view in Valle Escondido! Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing your reactions. Although we loved Ventura County we have thoroughly enjoyed being away from the hassle, traffic and high cost of living in California. Regards, Richard

  20. Hi Jerry! I am now on the PACIFIC PRINCESS World Cruise somewhere in the Pacific headed toward Tahiti and will not be back in Boquete when you visit, unfortunately for me. You will love the Panamonte. Good choice. Old, traditional, European hotel. Great food, ambience and service. If you are going to be there on a Tuesday, go to the Market & Tuesday Morning Meeting at the Event Center. I’m sure you will find lots of expat residents willing to share their experiences. Take a look at my home in Valle Escondido. Ask John to show it to you. It’s for sale and has the best view in Valle Escondido! Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing your reactions. Although we loved Ventura County we have thoroughly enjoyed being away from the hassle, traffic and high cost of living in California. Regards, Richard

  21. I’am an old Marine Corps vet. married to the daughter of the mayor of Boquete in 1947,been to Boquete,lived in Lacona and stationed at Rodman C.Z.after Korea service.I’am to old to return,my wife has family with commercial interests in Boquete.
    I Have injoyed reading your blogs.
    Thank you (Vito Pulizzi)

  22. Richard, I have just completed reading your book “Escape To Paradise,” and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It prompted me to buy plane tickets, and we are very much looking forward to exploring Panama!!! We depart Austin on December 10, landing in Panama City, where we will rent a car for 2 weeks. We are interested in visiting the Pacific Coast, and since you have an “interest” in Boca Chica, we will make a stop there. We are interested in the Caribbean coast and will spend a few days in and around Bocas Town. But mainly, we are very excited to learn more about Boquete, first hand. Being, as I am a ritired Houston Police Officer, I am looking forward to a kindler, gentler people, and way of life. Hope to meet you some day my friend!
    J.R. Tamayo

  23. Are there any 2012 updates?

    If you’re looking for a direct US/David flight . . . unfortunately, not yet. Stay tuned! Regards, Richard

  24. Richard, I see no postings since August 2012. We have been to Panama City twice but would like to see the Boquette area. What info available for Boquette and David? Thanks, Larry

  25. Has there been any news or update on Copaflying international direct from David to the USA? I understand the President came last month and officially opened the airport as an international airport.
    Last I heard Copa was trying to decide where the direct flights would be to the USA. Some options appeared to be Houston, Miami, Washington/Dulles, and Boston.

    What have you heard?

  26. I’m thinking about going to boquete for the first time during the middle of March. I’m trying to decide on taking the express bus or driving a rental car. There are a few factors that will determine which method transportation I’ll take, such as gas prices, the difficulty level of driving there from Arraijan, and the confort level on the bus. Can anybody provide some insight to this. Also, my wife is 3 months pregnant. Given the factors which will you recommend.

  27. I want to take a trip to Panama and Costa Rica in late Oct.-Nov.2013. I wish to visit coffee plantations and wanted to know if this is something you offer or have information about? I am from Oregon. My Dad was born and grew up in Sandpoint, ID. My brother and I will be traveling together.
    Are you coffee growers and roasters? Do you have advise and suggestions?
    Thank You, Mary

  28. My wife and I are arriving in Panama City mid morning on the 28th of this month and, after reading the posts, have decided to take the express bus to David. How would I find out the frequency/schedule for the bus? my best estimate is that we can be at the bus terminal around noon.

    Thank you,
    Larry Arnold

  29. Any updates on flights from the US to David airport? We are planning to visit Boquete in either May or August (not decided yet) and will be staying at Los Establos Boutique Inn. I am new to traveling outside of the US and would very much appreciate any recommendations.

  30. Hi David,

    My husband and I are wanting to take a trip from Ecuador to Panama in September or October to check out the Boquete area. Are there any flights directly from Quito to the David airport or will we need to fly to Panama City and then find other transportation to David, then Boquete?

  31. My husband and i would like to visit Boquette as prospective pensionados. We are looking at July 10 – 17th. Is there a way to fly directly to David? Do you also recommend hotels. I have lung issues and a friend who lives in Boquette who also has the same condition indicated that the mountains and the cool air would be beneficial. Will you be touring that area?

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