RelocatingAre you dreaming of relocating elsewhere … an expat lifestyle … maybe even escaping to the paradise of Panama?

Go ahead! Dream! Most people are afraid to dream, but dreams are free!

Of course you will look before you jump! Moving to another country is a big decision and a major life change.

One of the reasons I wrote THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING AND RETIRING IN PANAMA was not only to share about the life we love in Panama, but also help folks know how to figure out what they really want, sort through countries and options and evaluate different options. You will find the chapters “Dare to Dream” and “Finding Paradise” incredibly helpful along with chapters like “Running The Numbers” and “How Stable Is It?” I talk about dealing and adjusting to cultural differences, real estate, building, and even bringing along your pets. But don’t just take my word that it’s a good book, look at what others have to say.

Here are a number of posts I’ve done that will help you do the research necessary if you are thinking of moving to Panama …


2 thoughts on “Thinking of Relocating?

  1. Hello Richard,

    I just finished your new book. I enjoyed it, value it and gave you a glowing review on I hope to make the “leap” after due diligence in about 2 to 3 years. I wish it could be sooner, but being realistic is part of the process. My situation is a bit different than your general audience in some distinctive and important ways. Both my wife and I are fluent in Spanish (Cuban-American-I hate the hyphenation but it describes us well in this case) and our customs and heritage are similar (not the same) to those of Panamá. So some expat concerns (language, local food, greeting people in an elevator) do not concern us. Thad said, we are thoroughly Americanized and would like certain amenities. We would like to become almost locals, the operative word being “almost”. Do you know of any source that could give me that perspective? An aside, I did jungle training in the Panamá Canal Zone with the US Army in the early seventies.

    Thank you for your insight and a great book,

    Ernie Garcia

  2. Hi, Richard, I’m pretty much down to the granular stage – arriving in Boquete on Nov 10th – right now, I just need to know a few things:
    who do you use to reliably handle parcels and mail forwarding from the States? I need to set up a USA address in order to notify all my contacts, bank, etc.
    I’ll be in San Jose on the 30th of this month (the following week in a dentist’s chair), then onto a one-way bus to Boquete via David. Will I need a visa to avoid border issues? If so, what is the best way to get one and what kind? Pensionado? From the Panamanian Embassy in San Jose, assuming there is one?
    Can you suggest a reasonable place to stay after I arrive? I am open to a room in a private home or a motel that is reasonable (I’m not a Hilton-type traveler – by budget or inclination) while I look around for more permanent lodging.
    Lastly, is there an eBook or PDF (NON-Kindle) version of your book, Escape… ? It will save me having to buy the paperback and scanning it in. I am more than willing to pay the paperback price of $20 (Amazon).

    I’d also like to chat with you about your cruise experiences.


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