Growing Coffee In Boquete

Coffee growing has long been a way of life in Boquete, Panama. Coffee growing in Boquete has been like grape growing in Napa. Boquete has many microclimates, again similar to Napa, and this produces coffee beans with different taste characteristics. The real estate boom in Boquete has caused vast coffee fincas to be sold off for real estate development. It is imperative that some of the traditional Boquete way of life be preserved. Coffee was first brought to Boquete over 100 years ago by a retired English sea captain who met and married a Panamanian.

All of our coffee is shade grown at around 3,800 feet in an environmentally sensitive way.  Our farm is on the slopes of Volcan Baru, our local volcano that last showed any activity 500 years ago, but has left behind wonderful volcanic soil. The soil, altitude, and rainfall combine to make an area for excellent coffee growing.

Coffee blooms twice a year within a few months, so you have two crops growing simultaneously, which leads to a long harvest season. Coffee flowers smell like orange blossoms, so during the bloom the farm is wonderfully fragrant. Coffee cherries ripen over a 5-month period and must be carefully harvested by hand.  Most of our coffee is sold to local producers in the cherry, but some we hold out and process ourselves for our own use.

I thought that many of you coffee fanatics would enjoy taking a look around our coffee farm in Boquete!  This may take a little while to load, but, otherwise you can just come to Boquete and visit!

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