It’s Pretty Interesting Actually

For those of you who like the gory and grim details . . .

Not to worry, the surgeon is sitting nearby at the computer making all the moves. Instead of having a large, invasive incision you have several ports or holes for the machine arms to fit through. To increase the working space they first inflate your abdomen with gas (really!). Since it’s still limited space and to prevent damaging other stuff that’s crammed into your abdomen they have to move stuff out of the way, pulling and holding it back with what look like little plastic ties. When they’re done they shove everything back in place, deflate you, tidy up, and sew up the tiny holes leaving a few drainage tubes to keep you company. Apparently afterward you have a sore gut from all the poking around and inflation, but they provide happy pills to ease the pain. In my case they’ll start some chemo right away to catch any stray cells that may have gotten loose, and quite possibly put me on dialysis for a while to help out the remaining good kidney adjust to its increased work load.

I’m scheduled to be in the hospital a few days and then 6 weeks of relaxing, no lifting, no driving, just a chance to read, binge on the British Baking Show and Lego Masters, and trying to keep the dogs from pouncing on my sore gut.

I’ll let you know how it all works out, and in the meantime THANK YOU for your thoughts, prayers, and for reconnecting with me. God bless you all!