Happy Days Aren’t Quite Here Again, But …

Panama’s nutty idea that the way to fight Coronavirus epidemic was to go “dry” and ban all alcohol sales, I think a holdover from the years of the US occupation of the Canal Zone, an idea nobody ever actually thought about, but just a gut reaction to crisis … ends today!


Now, there was some thinking that restricting alcohol sales at a time you were locking people down in their homes would prevent domestic violence.  And that may be a reason to restrict the amount of alcohol people could purchase, and apparently there still will be some yet to be defined restrictions.   The revision “will limit the number of purchases of alcoholic beverages and they can only be consumed at home.”  But just in the nick of time, when I’m running out of chardonnay … and thanks to my dear friends who helped me through the dry period!

But the virus threat continues … with some indications that the storm may turn around and get even worse, or that there will be more pandemics to come, so “Happy Days” aren’t exactly back.  And they may never come back in the same way.  But hopefully going forward government leaders, even those who never were Scouts, will “Be Prepared.”

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