52 Pickup

In the 13 years I have been writing this blog there have been a lot of changes … in the ways in which we communicate and share online, in where and how we lived, in times of our lives, and in the world. Challenges of political division, global warming, the introduction of Covid, the disruption of supply chains, new hourly wage minimums and inflation, and “the Great

Retirement” .even a US Supreme Court messing with precedent and threatening rights we all thought we had.. all of which have and are challenging us in various ways. Pretty much we’ve all been dumped into a game of 52 Pickup, you know what happens when you get fed up with a card game and throw the whole deck into the air … and then have to pick them all up.

So things have changed, and so its time to shift the focus of my hallowed blog, which by the way has been written all over the globe, on and off ships, and when the Internet on board sucked, in cafes and anyplace with a good Internet connection in over 300 ports around the world.

And I’ve long since given up on writing a blog daily … or even weekly.

So the blog continues … sorta kinda. There will continue to be a focus on my retirement job, which is lecturing on ships around the world about the ports we visit … kind of my “business” Web site as well as some retrospect to our 18 years living in Panama. And from time to time, as the spirit moves, I will ad some personal info, and just some fun writing stuff, the bloggy-type stuff. If you are interested, please subscribe. Just stick your email in the subscribe box on the top on the right sidebar. No one will call. You won’t be added to any junk mail lists. And if you ever tire of getting my blog stuff in your email, you can easily unsubscribe.

I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and I’ve met fascinating folks from around the world. Thank you and I hope we can stay in touch and you will subscribe and keep visiting.