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This is a stubb of Boquete  Private Mountain Retreat for Sale sharing my favorite pictures of the home we designed and built.  I know this page takes a while to load so only folks who are really intersted in the property will wait … but if you are interested, it will be worth the wait!

OK we got a little carried away with the porch, but this is Panama and the perfect climate, so we spend a lot of time on the porch!


The porch is the place to see the fantastic sunsets over Volcan Baru.


Because of our near-perfect weather, we wanted our home to be as open to the outside as possible.  The open concept has the living room flowing into the dining area which flows into the kitchen, and it’s all oriented to the outside.


I love tropical plants and the ferns which abound in and around Boquete are spectacular.  When I see these I remember back when we lived in Milwaukee and froze under several feet of snow all winter long.  And we would go to the Mitchel Domes which had a tropical garden under the glass dome.  And I’d dream about escaping to a paradise filled with tropical plants.


Unquestionably my favorite room where Nikk and I have matching desks of green marble looking out the window and watching the hummingbirds and butterflies hang out on the special plants we’ve put there to attract them.


The back porch looks out over the valley or quebrada that is part of our property.  There is nothing like curling up in the hammock with a good book on a rainy afternoon.


I love this picture of the entrance.  Those entry doors are antique doors that were imported from Port Said, Egypt.

IMP Palmira 25 - Copy - Copy

We designed the Master Bedroom to be just like sleeping in the treetops.  With no neighbors we don’t have to be hemmed in by curtains.

Moth at Brad and Jackies

The name “Panama” supposedly came from an Indigenous word for “abundance” and it is generally thought that it referred to the abundance of butterflies and moths.  Hardly a month goes by that one of us says, “Hey, you’ve got to come and see this” and we discover a butterfly or insect that is new to us.


I show this picture when I talk on ships and tell folks it is “the breafast buffet” back home!  We have tons of banana trees, so we almost always have a stock of bananas hanging.  The only problem is we pick them when they are still green to keep the birds form pecking them as soon as they start to ripen, but when they ripen they ripen all at once.  We eat what we can and the rest we feed to the birds.  Don’t worry, we have dozens of neighbors who’ve worked on our farm for us and we provide them with plantains, bananas, and oranges.


This is my favorite picture of the old folks at home relaxing on the back porch, not that we spend that much time relaxing, which is the reason for Retirement 2.0.

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Best place to read a book, relax, enjoy a glass of our fresh squeezed orange juice with Abuelo Panama dark rum.


The gate is mainly to keep the dogs in a smaller area of the farm and not have them running all over town.

Enjoy coffee life is short

This is what mornings are all about!  From the back porch we watch the sun set, and on the front porch we watch the sun rise and enjoy our morning coffee.  Because Panama is about nine degrees off the equator there is only about a 10 or 15 minute difference in daylight, so no messing around with Day Light Savings or any such foolishness.

The Most Beautiful House in Boquete, Panama FOR SALE 48

I know sometimes people are surprised by a fireplace in the tropics, but at our altitude of 3,700 feet in never gets hotter than maybe the low 80s if it is mid-day, there are no clouds in the sky and we’re having a heat wave.  Usually it is spring-like year-round, no heat, no air conditioning.  At night it drops down to maybe 61 at 4 am, so you always need a blanket.  During the rainy season we use the fireplace a lot.  It has a propane gas connection, but being a farm we have loads of wood to burn.

The Most Beautiful House in Boquete, Panama FOR SALE 35

The wood doors, hanging light chandeliers, metal railings were all hand crafted by locals.

The Most Beautiful House in Boquete, Panama FOR SALE 29

When we built the house we had to look pretty hard for what we wanted since back then a lot of things we’re readily availabe in Panama.  So there are a lot of special touches,  The interior tiles and roof tiles were all imported from Spain and are not local.  The slate floors in the libaray and back porch we brought in from India.  We had the Burmese Cherry cabinets made in China.

The Most Beautiful House in Boquete, Panama FOR SALE 5The Master Bedroom shower is light, bright and has no curtain or glass doors you have squeegie down.  You just walk in and out!  I joke that this shower is larger than the whole bathroom I have when I’m working on a ship, and the bathroom itself, with a tub and huge his and hers closets is larger than the entire stateroom I have when I’m at sea!

Sept 27 037

Some of the best coffee in the world is grown in Boquete, and the most expensive coffee, called geisha comes from Boquete.  Coffee is very much like wine: you can buy a bottle of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck” for, now what, $4, and its good.  Or you can buy a bottle of Merlot that has a unique and special profile and flavor for hundreds of dollars.  In July last 2019 a geisha coffee sold at auction for $1,029 a pound wholesale.

Garden 22

Panama has over 1,000 species of native, wild orchids!

Garden 20

There are so many amazing tropical plants to discover.  During the rainy season you can stick almost anything in the ground and it will grow.


These little blue birds are always the first to arrive when we put out bananas for the birds.


Although you may not recognize it at first … a pineapple!

01 682

Our favorite Boquete breakfast.  Omelette with everything, orange juice, coffee and hojaldras, a kind of fry bread unique to Chiriqui.   Ask for hojaldras in Panama City and they won’t have any idea what you are talking about, but they are a staple part of breafast in Chiriqui.  $4.75 at Central Park Cafe.

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