TIP-TOE THROUGH THE TULIPS – history of the flower across Asia & Europe, Tulip mania.

PIRACY: BEYOND JOHNNY DEPP – A fun at times look at our fascination with pirates, piracy then and now.

THE MORNING BREW – The history of our drug of choice and how it came to the Americas, based in part on my 18 years growing coffee in the Highlands of Panama.

THE QUEST IN CENTRAL AMERICA – The origin of the Americas, why people came to Central America, and the history of the Indigenous peoples, focusing on the Maya and Aztec civilizations.

PANAMA & THE CANAL – Past, present & future, history of the famed Canal.

YOUR DAY IN THE PANAMA CANAL – What to expect and look for, where you get the best view, etc.

INDIGENOUS OF PANAMA – Seven tribes still living today that were here when Columbus arrived.

BRIDGE COMMENTARY PANAMA CANAL – Play-by-play what’s happening based on my over 100 transits.

VCW – VOYAGES THAT CHANGED THE WORLD – A series focusing on some of the most significant voyages.

VCW – THE EARLY NAVIGATORS – Phoenicians, St Brendan, Norse, Welsh & Chinese

.VCW – NEW WORLD EXPLORERS – Rush of he great rush of the power for territory.

 VCW – MAGELLAN & CIRCUMNAVIGATION – Expedition to sail around the world.

VCW – THE SPANISH EXPLOITERS – The great quest for territory, power, and treasure.

 VCW – THE FRENCH VOYAGUERS – Cartier and Champlain and the New France.

VCW – JAMES COOK & THE AGE OF DISCOVERY – Setting the pattern for exploration.


VCW – CHARLES DARWIN & THE BEAGLE –  A voyage that changed the world ..

VCW – THE DARK VOYAGES – Voyages of greed & despair & stain of the slave trade.

VCW – LEGENDARY POLAR EXPLORERS – Explorations to one of the final frontiers.

MEXICAN RIVIERA & TEQUILA –  Creation of the “Mexican Riviera” and development of Mexico’s legendary drink.

SPIRITS OF THE AMERICAS – History of spirits in the Americas rum, tequila, and whisky.

GOLD, EXPLORATION & THE NEW WORLD – Role of gold in new world exploration.

SIZE DOES MATTER – Ecuador, the Equator, and Ecuador’s Mount Chimborazo.

GREAT CANALS OF THE WORLD – Canals locks including Panama, Suez, Corinth, and North America

DON’T STOP THE CARNIVAL – Our experience living as ex-pats in Panama for 18 years, what we learned and what you should know if you ever think about retiring abroad.

SETTLER SURVIVOR – Simplifying the rather complicated saga of nations competing for territory in North America using the model of the TV SURVIVOR series.

MYSTERIOUS TALES OF THE GREAT LAKES – Strange ales told around the campfires at night along the lakes.

SHIPWRECKS OF THE GREAT LAKES – More than just the EDMUND FITZGERALD in the “graveyard of ships.”

THE GREAT LAKES – The natural history of the largest reservoir of fresh water on the planet, all about the peoples and their cultures, the history, shipping, and the challenges and threats to the Great Lakes.

THE FALLING LEAVES – Especially for Fall Foliage Cruises – how and why trees change colors in the Fall.

COCKROACH OF THE SEA – Once the despised food of prisoners, now the crown dish of fine dining.

DON’T MESS WITH MOTHER – The challenges and opportunities of dams and fish hatcheries.

MANIFEST DESTINY – The expansion of the US from the East coast Colonies across the continent.

LEWIS & CLARK & THE CORPS OF DISCOVERY –The fascinating story of the adventures of Lewis & Clark exploring the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase and establishing the US territories from coast to coast.

AMAZONIA – The wonders of the tropical rainforest and the peoples and cultures along its banks.

THE HOLY LAND – Finding a balance between tradition, commerce and the quest for peace and faith.

ENCHANTING EGYPT – What to expect and how to get the most out of this amazing journey.

CUBA, if opens again, I have a whole series of Cuba lectures based on my 21 voyages around Cuba.

ESCAPE FROM DEVIL’S ISLAND – The fascinating story beyond PAPILLON and the history of Ille St Royale.

Individual port talks for many of the over 300 ports I have lectured on around the world, that could be updated and put in current format if needed and with some advance notice.


Available for longer one to four-month contracts on a per diem paid basis plus all travel expenses.

Available for close-in, last-minute, “one off” assignments without pay as long as it doesn’t cost me anything.  Require two-bed accommodations for speaker and guest, all port charges and gratuities, transportation to and from airport and ship, premium economy class airline ticket for speaker, basic Internet.  Discounted onboard expenses would be a nice additional benefit if available.

I can generally, given a little time, adapt my PowerPoint presentations to your format.

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