The New Adventure

After 17 years living and exploring in Panama, making wonderful friends, growing great coffee, building planting and growing … stuff as well as our lives … we’ve decided that it is time to move on, get closer to family, downsize, and “retire” …. well, at least a bit of “retire.” So we are moving from one mountain, Volcan Baru, to another, Mount Baker. Yep, not only the vegetation and animal life is different, but so is the temperature. Mount Baker is the snowiest place on the earth!

Mount Baker from Anacortes WA

I first visited Anacortes this past summer when I was doing the Puget Sound cruises on American Cruise Line. I fell in love with this small town of around 16,000 on Fidalgo Island just East of the San Juan Islands. Indeed there is a daily ferry to the San Juan Islands as well as one to Victoria, British Columbia. The tourist folks accurately describe it thus: “Situated on a drive-to island, Anacortes is a vibrant coastal community offering the ultimate Northwest getaway—from seaside recreation to small-town charm.”

I’ll tell you more later. Right now after a whirlwind of selling our house in Boquete, loading our container, putting our 3 mutts in Dog Camp until we can move them to Washington, coming to Washington, buying a house, and yet another used white Toyota pick up truck, here sold as a Tacoma not Hylux, we have been busy getting ready.

First task: buy some warm NW clothes!! Long underwear, gloves, heavy jackets, warm socks, sweaters .. none of which we have after living in warm climates almost 40 years!

Our container has arrived in Houston and things are being trucked to Washington, scheduled to arrive in two days. We need to store them for a month until the sellers move out of our new home.

In the meantime, Nikki goes back to Panama to wrap up a few details and get the dogs. Getting three dogs from Panama to Seattle is a major, major operation. The options were charter a jet, right!, send all three dogs on a world trip flying David to Panama City to Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Costa Rica to Orlando to Seattle, or just be content to put them on Copa to LAX and then yours truly drives from Seattle to LAX to pick Nikki and the dogs up. I think we’re going with the last option, although there are still details to work out.

So far, I guess things have worked out rather smoothly …. if you like always holding your breath! We’ll see how the rest goes. More later, so stay tuned.