The World Awaits

As the world begins to reopen, albeit with caution and new post-Covid protocols, the world once again awaits cautious, sensible and curious travelers to experience new wonders.

Saint Augustine maintained, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.”

One of my great joys for the past 14 years is to cruise all over the world, including two round-the-world cruises, lecturing and talking about over 300 ports, helping cruise guests to better understand and appreciate the places we visit, thus getting move out of their experiences ashore.

People are eager to get back on planes and ships and explore this great, wonderful world! And it’s in that spirit that I share with you two of my favorite talks. These were recorded by the ship for broadcast in passenger staterooms with somewhat limited equipment. I think I moved around too much when I talked making it hard for the techs, so you won’t see much of me, but you’ll get a sense of what my talks are about.

If you haven’t been to prison on Devil’s Island yet, I really hope you get the opportunity.

As cruising opens up again I am looking forward to meeting you back on board. Since American Cruise Line began slowly opening up again, with very strict Covid protocols for both crew and guests, requiring everyone to be fully vaccinated and to continue to wear masks on board, I have worked cruises on five of their ships doing the Puget Sound, Columbia/Snake Rivers and New England Harbors itineraries. Cruising near home on the US waterways seemed a good way to start. Going into 2022 I am looking forward to once again reaching out and exploring the world.