Morning Has Broken

Morning on our Boquete Mountain Estate is my favorite time of day!  When I let the dogs out and just walk around the farm as the morning light streams through the trees.  Even in the midst of a pandemic, or a day like today, a weekend when everyone is confined to their homes, at least I can walk around my four acres.

We are moving into the heart of the “rainy” season which generally means the morning will be bright and sunny!  Then around noon as the wind shift off the ocean, blowing the warm humid air from the lowlands up into the mountains, it starts to cloud over.  As that warm humid air meets the cold air on the mountain, frequently there can be a rip-roaring thunderstorm, or it can just be rain.  Rain in Panama is not like it is in the Pacific Northwest!  Here when it rain, it rains!  Sometimes it’s like someone up in heaven is dumping over barrels of water.  So afternoons are a great time to stretch out on the hammock with a good book!  Usually by after dinner the rain has stopped and by bedtime the sky is filled with stars, just like visiting a planetarium.

Frankly, although I very much miss running around the world, jumping on and off cruise ships, I’m happy to be “stuck” on my farm since I can’t think of a better place to ride out the pandemic storm.  I’ve been working hard cleaning up and better organizing this Web site and planting tons of cuttings.  One of the great things about the rainy season in Panama is that you can stick almost anything in the ground and it grows!  I’ve started watching “Below Decks” a “reality” series about life aboard a charter yacht.  They regularly go into St Martin and St Barts, two of my favorite Caribbean ports.  Some of the drama is vaguely familiar from life below decks on cruise ships.  I’ve only done one yacht, and it was much bigger and grander than the one used in the TV series.  It was a private yacht, not a charter, and the owner was on board.  We had a much bigger crew of 26 but all guys so no drama.  But you’ve got to admit, even vicariously, sailing on a yacht into St Barts even with this wacky “reality” crew, is a grand escape from pandemic quarantine reality.

I hate to say anything, lest I jinx things, but … this week Copa is scheduled to start flying again on a VERY limited schedule using Panama’s Tocumen International as a “mini hub.”  It’s hopefully a start, but the travel industry is becoming littered with false starts, but one can hope.  Lest you start packing for Panama, flights are very limited and there are lots of Covid-19 caveats and quarantines and there is no guarantee you can get back home.