Win Some, Lose Some

Wet Dry Wet Dry

I have been informed that it was the Ministry of Health that issued the repeal of the “dry” edict and it was the Preisdent who then reversed it after it had been announced. I am informed that it is still up in the air whether or not mayors have the authority to make policies for their own areas in this regard.

Of course all of this information is promulgated in Spanish, as you would expect, so unless you are fluent in Spanish you are lost or dependent on what translations you can come up with. Actual documents are photos, so you just can copy and paste in Google translate.

I appreciate the clarification of a friend who reads and understands Spanish.

Regardless, two points remain valid:

First, what does the science say about the value of banning all alcohol treating and preventing the disease? We’re not talking about bars, parties, or restaurants but being able to have a glass of wine with dinner in your own home, where you’ve been confined by law for over a month.

Second, the right hand says one thing, the left hand says another, and things change overnight often without warning. How coordinated is that?