The Grand Illusionist


Magicians specialize in misdirection.  And we love being fooled!  It’s magic!  And in works in politics as well.

The world is consumed, rightly so, worrying about the Cov-19 Pandemic.  The perpetual questions of the Trump presidency — Who knew what?  When?  Who did what? Who said what to whom and when? — have once again turned up the heat.  It’s time to change the narrative and to introduce a new twist into the plot of “Presidential Apprentice.”

d2jbvmyxrhllyvjvew5onzvjqmcuanbnThe worst thing about working on a cruise ship is to walk back stage and stumble on the magicians props that have been accidentally left uncovered.  It spoils the magic!  So … SPOILER ALERT … While we are all for the moment focused on the Trump Administration’s response, or lack there of, to the Pandemic, the next episode may be brewing, which should sound vaguely familiar … like the build-up to the US Invasion of Panama (1989).

1200px-Red_Checkmark.svgStep One – The US salivates for “regime change.”   The target country is in turmoil.

1200px-Red_Checkmark.svgStep Two – US international advisors, politicians, and military dust off the Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine.”

1200px-Red_Checkmark.svgStep Three – The current, unwanted leader of the country in question, although known as a creep and dictator, is further demonized as a “drug lord.”


1200px-Red_Checkmark.svgStep Four – US assets in the region, regardless of the pretense, are strenthened.

[AP] “President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that Navy ships are being moved toward Venezuela as his administration beefs up counter-narcotics operations in the Caribbean following a U.S. drug indictment against Nicolás Maduro.

The president’s announcement was a break from the daily White House press briefing to discuss the coronavirus pandemic, which has left much of the country in lock-down and which the government warns could cause 100,000 to 240,000 deaths.

“The Venezuelan people continue to suffer tremendously due to Maduro and his criminal control over the country, and drug traffickers are seizing on this lawlessness,” Defense Secretary Mark Esper said after the president’s announcement.

The mission involves sending additional Navy warships, surveillance aircraft and special forces teams to nearly double the U.S. counter-narcotics capacity in the Western Hemisphere, with forces operating both in the Caribbean and eastern Pacific. Esper said the mission would be supported by 22 partner nations.

“As governments and nations focus on the coronavirus there is a growing threat that cartels, criminals, terrorists and other malign actors will try to exploit the situation for their own gain,” said Trump. “We must not let that happen.””

Step Five – A real or imagined or staged incident presenting a threat to the welfare of US citizens, and, or US “interests” … translate corporate investments and/or US military, requires the US to militarily intervene in another soverign nation to protect the lives of US citizens.

The question is, would Trump do something so crass, so destructive, just to save his ass?  Of course not!


Trump announces deployment of additional Navy resources off Venezuela.