Panama in total quarantine indefinitely

Many of you who are thinking about retiring to Panama or just moving to Panama and adopting an expat lifestyle are following not only the effects of coronavirus in your own area, but are interested in seeing how tiny Panama responds.  With some 669 cases and 9 deaths, little Panama with it’s role as “the crossroads of the world” is determined to learn from the expriences of other countries and not make the same mistakes, hence the indefinite quarantine declared by Panamanian President Cortizo.

PANAMA NEWSROOM is one source of news headline stories in English.  If you’re thinking about relocating to Panama it would be good to follow some of the news.  So here from Panama Newsroo is how it works.

Panama is the latest country to go into total quarantine for an indefinite period to stem the cortizo-25advance of the coronavirus.  The announcement came from President Laurentino Cortizo in a broadcast to the nation on Tuesday evening, March 23.

Cortizo, who explained that the measure is based on evidence previously evaluated by the health team dealing with the pandemic, based, in turn, on the behavior of the virus in different regions.

The round the clock quarantine exempts  18 groups or industries, among them, the Public Force; emergency officials; personnel from the Ministry of Health, the Social Security Fund, the Fire Department, Sinaproc, Acodeco, Idaan, the Cleaning Authority, Sume-911, the ACP and the media.

The executive decree allows two hours of daily mobility of people, based on the last digit of their identity card or passport.


The mobility is restricted to purchasing food or medicine. In a medical emergency, the person can leave at any time.

Senior citzens and people with disabilities must complete their errands between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm

To guarantee public order, the security forces will deploy 18,000 agents.

The president said  that in during the  total quarantine the government will continue to pay subsidies (in the order of $1.6 billion) and will launch the Panama Solidarity plan, which includes the distribution of vouchers, food bags, medicines and tanks of gas to at least a million people, including informal workers, lottery sellers., residents of vulnerable areas and those affected by the economic impact of the pandemic.

The amount of the electricity bill will be reduced 50% to those whose consumption does not exceed 300 kilowatts. Service will not be cut nor that of water or internet to those who cannot pay their bills in the next three months.

Banks will not execute the mortgages of those affected by the pandemic.

Cortizo called for solidarity and rsaid  that in the next few days an account will be opened at the National Bank to receive donations.

Palmira Estate Drone 3Thankfully we have 4 acres of property on which to walk, run the dogs, and enjoy our beautiful weather outside.  Yes, there are restrictions, for our benefit and the common good, but our little place in the mountains 15 minutes from “downtown” Boquete, and 35 minutes from David (second=largest city in Panama, which I don’t want to go to anyway) … our little place is better than most places in the world to be quaranteened.