Pretty Good, If I Do Say So Myself

We’ve lived in Panama now 15 years, going on 16, and I’ve answered a lot of questions about “Why Panama?” and “How did you choose Panama over, say Costa Rica?” Back when blogging was still new and hep, I started blogging about Living In Panama. I wrote the first edition of ESCAPE TO PARADISE: OUR EXPERIENCE LIVING AND RETIRING IN PANAMA. And, frequently while working on ships, the “Why Panama?” question came up again and again, usually when I was eating in the Horizon Court buffet and just as I was putting the first forkfull of dinner in my mouth.

“Richard, I don’t want to interrupt your dinner, or bother you, but …”

So, to answer all those questions, I started frequently doing a talk which proved very popular called, DON’T STOP THE CARNIVAL. [With appologies to Herman Wouk, who passed away earlier this year, but whose novel DON’T STOP THE CARNIVAL kept me going when life got tough in Panama. My tattered copy, read and reread for 15 years, is now held together only by rubber bands.

The ships usually recorded my talks to play and replay on cabin TV, and I happened to find one of those old DON’T STOP THE CARNIVAL talks, which I thought you might enjoy. For a sophisticated cruise ship with millions of dollars worth of stage and technical production equipment, it’s pretty sketchy quality, but it’s all there. This was recorded on a cruise around South America, and just to put it into perspective it was given on the morning before that afternoon we were sailing “Round The Horn” of South America.