Before You Go To Cuba

This was written before Trump returned to the failed policies of 50 years and put Cuba off limits to American citizens.  Now denied the freedom to travel the world including Cuba, one can only hope for a change in US policies in the future.

Before you go to Cuba, you need to understand the “sonic sound attacks” that have taken place on American diplomats in Cuba. For your own safety, and understanding of the US relationship with Cuba, and vice versa, and the attitudes and feelings of Cubans toward US Americans, you need to watch this excellent discussion by the NEW YORK TIMES.

Now we have another clue to what this secret, sonic weapon may actually be. In this video you can hear the sounds that have had such an impact on US/Cuban policy.

Full disclosure: I’ve been to Cuba 18 times now and I’ve never heard anything like this, except once out in the country when we were going up to the spectacular El Nicho waterfalls. Since we have a similar sound in Panama with the “attacks” only occassional, seasonal, and usually not in the area I live, I do know that the sound can be maddening.


AS Cuba celebrates the 60th Anniversary of its Revolution, I can also tell you that the Cubans I’ve met love the US people and would dearly like to have a more open and productive relationship with their neighbors. They are able to separate the foolish posturing of politicians and governments, with their games, agendas, and power plays, from the genuine affections of people-to-people relationships. There are great needs in Cuba and they would like to meet fill those needs with relationships with US companies which would profit both sides. But if the US is not interested, other nations are, most notably China and Russia, both of whom are more than willing to step into the gap.

It should also be noted that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was born in the US, the son of Cuban immigrants who came to the US long before the Castro Revolution, and who, with the exception of Senate junkets to Guantanamo Naval Base has actually never even been to Cuba.


Now is the time to go to Cuba … while you still can. The people are warm, wonderful, and welcoming of US Americans. Go, enjoy the food, the music, the architecture, the culture, have your own people-to-people encounters and make up your own mind then come back home and send as strong message to your elected representatives.