For those of us who prefer an afternoon Coke, Diet Coke, or coffee, rather than tea, those of us who drive on the right, i.e. “correct” side of the road, those of us who are fascinated by every move of the British Royal Family, and those of us who speak and spell English correctly, here is an understandable guide to our friends across the pond … Great Britain, British, English, Scottish, Welsh, United Kingdom, yada, yada, yada.


For one thing we never know what to call these folks, convinced that whatever we call them, they are sniggering behind our backs.  [“Sniggering,” a word I picked up from “My Fair Lady” so therefore, it must be an English, or whatever, word.]

So for those who have always been perplexed by the proper, socially acceptable, politically correct name for our cousins, here is an excellent guide … very clear and understandable, by a man who talks even faster than the guys who rattle off the required disclaimers on audio advertisements.  Well-worth your time …

So while much of the world’s primary lead story of the day is if Donald Trump is still in the White House tweeting out his innocence, or if the “Lock her up!” chant has somehow, given a Constitution and the rule of law, has somehow transformed into “Lock him up!”

In the United Kingdom … whatever! … and the European Union the primary lead story of the day is Brexit, a story, like the “Trials and Tribulations of The Donald,” goes on ad nasseum. So for those of us who are left hopefully confused by the entire Brexit miniseries, here’s a really compelling guide to what it is, and why it affects us or US as you prefer, and what it means for Europe and world stability.

The non-Brits guide to Brexit (because it affects you too)