Memo to Donald: Time to Build Another Wall

Dear Donald, or better “Your Excellency,” it’s time to build another wall.  For years Canada has been pushing drugs, mostly Viagra, across the Canada/US border, and now canada-legalizing-weed-oct-17-2018that Canada has legalized recreational marijuana, a big pot flood is coming across the border.

You’ve managed to insult our Canadian neighbors, and even before this current threat to our national security, you have recognized the security threat of our all of our neighbors … Canada, Mexico and Cuba.  They are all out to get us!

So build another wall!  Get Canada to “pay for it!”  Apparently your big wall on the Mexican border is coming along, despite the fact that it has become evident that Mexicans, in addition to knowing how to use ladders, know how to build very sophisticated tunnels.  We’ve managed to keep our Cuban neighbors impoverished for 60 years with our cruel embargo.  It’s never hurt the Cuban government and in fact has given them a wonderful excuse for all their policy failures: “It’s fault of the US Embargo.”  Abusing and bullying neighbors is always a good idea.  And you can now add presdonaldtrump-1022296714Canada to your personal list of “shit hole countries.”  But at least they are happy and don’t always look or act like they have a severe case of constipation.  By the way, instead of just sitting on the pot Tweeting out your frustration and inadequacies, maybe you should try pot.

Me?  I can be happy without weed.  I just couldn’t “inhale” and I still can’t.  I guess it is a penalty for never having been a smoker.

Besides, I’ve always preferred building bridges instead of building walls.