Happy May!

It’s been a good couple of weeks.  God is in his heaven and in control.  Whew!  Miquel Canel-Diaz is now the duly-appointed, as opposed to duly-elected, President of Cuba, being described as “Castro’s boy” with Raul still pulling the strings as the head of the Cuban Communist Party which runs the show.  Trump has been amazingly Tweet-restrained, sucking up to his friends on Fox, and perhaps, just perhaps, keeping his head low.  No?  Well, whatever.  Stormy is still stripping.  North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, is showing us his softer side, switching from threatening nuclear anililation to making nice with South Korea.  But, rejoice, God is in his heaven and in control.

So it has been wonderful being home.  The rainy season is coming, which I love since there is no better excuse for falling asleep in the hammock while reading  than “It’s raining.”

CARIB PRIN New LocksUnfortunately half of the stuff I want to see online blocks me by saying “Content not available in your location.”  Yes, I’ve tried HideMyAss and a few others, but they don’t work since since Netflix figured out to automatically forces you into Panama Netflix which only features movies that were old when they were shown on United five years ago.  Thankfully I have a friend, Jason Bell, who has been a guest on several ships that I’ve worked who tells me that the two TV shows on which I filmed a cameo walk on role last fall have now aired!  So, although I haven’t seen them watch them and let me know [richarddetrich@yahoo.com] if I should keep my day job, which is being retired, or move back to Southern California.  The Voyager with Josh Garcia, neat guy by the way, on ABC.  After the fifth take for a 40 second shot, he told me that hosting the show was a better way to make a living than waiting tables in LA.   The show actually features a visit to my Embera friends’ village at Embera Puru.  The other is Vacation Creation, also on ABC.  Both were filmed last fall when I took CARIBBEAN PRINCESS through the new expanded locks of the Panama Canal.  It was the largest cruise ship to go through the Canal.  So if anyone figures a way to email me a copy of the shows, or even a few screen shots, I’d appreciate it.

Aside from just being home, and eating whatever we can scrounge up, in my grubbies, beside the fire with my wife, I’ve been working ont he finishing touches of my book on cruising Canada/New England, to go along with the ones on Cuba and the Great Lakes.

I have a new assignment to do a 10-night Grand New England Cruise on the brand new American Cruise Lines ship AMERICAN CONSTITUTION sailing roundtrip from Boston to Camden, Bar Harbor, Rockland, Boothbay Harbor, Portland, Gloucester, Newport and Provincetown.  It’s a Lobsterbake Cruise which features a lobsterbake ashore and tons of lobster on the menu … and me, deathly allergic to shellfish.  But don’t feel bad because when I could eat shellfish, I consumed far more than my fair share of clams and lobster.  Fortunately Nikki gets to come along with me and she has promised to eat all of my lobster allotment.  So I’m busy updating some talks, and creating others.