Who said anything about “retiring”?

Yeah, I’m supposed to be retired.  And I have to admit that retirement to me was never to be just sitting around watching the coffee grow, but this is ridiculous.  After bouncing Cuba_Coveraround the Americas on cruise ships last fall for four months, I had a month of “vacation.”  And now I’m preparing to head back to PEARL MIST to start a series of cruises to Cuba, “vacation” over, and now back to work.  Now, I really DO need a vacation!

After finishing a wonderful Holiday Cruise on Silversea, Nikki and I visited friends and our kids on the West Coast, which was wonderful!!, got poked and prodded with medical exams in Seattle, and then returned so I could have at least a week at  home in Boquete.

Crazy me, I decided that this would also be a good time to write a book, CUBA: A GUIDE FOR CRUISING AROUND CUBA.  Well, I did and it is on Amazon.  It’s an ideal book for people who are thinking about cruising to Cuba … while you can … or folks who’ve done a Cuba cruise and want to learn more or just jog their memories of all the sights, sounds, and history they experienced.

So it was a hectic “vacation”!  It was good to see family and friends, but great to be back home.  Boquete is as warm and beautiful as ever.