Tropical Paradise

Paradise for Sale PanamaThe other day we walked down to the little seasonal stream that flows through our property and remembered the times when we lived in the States when to momentarily escape winter, we’d visit one of the glass-covered tropical gardens at zoos or botanical gardens … and that’s what we have in our backyard year round!

The few oranges and bananas, which by the way we grow, we put out on the bird feeder attract a whole range of colorful birds, red, red & black, blue, yellow, brown, yellow & black, cream and black.  A gringo neighbor who has lived in Boquete longer than almost any other expat, was sitting on our porch the other day and remarked, “Wow,  you have an amazing variety of birds!”   And we do.  Not to mention the 49 … that’s right 49 … palm 20170920_122913trees we have, or the scores of butterflies in the garden every day.  Not a week goes by that we don’t discover a fantastic-colored new insect, beetle, moth or butterfly that we hadn’t seen before.

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for someone who buys our little tropical paradise, it is time for us to move on to our next adventure.  Meantime … our property is for sale.  And yes, we have all the joys of tropical living, yet in a year-round Spring-like climate, and we are far outside the hurricane belt!