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BookCoverPreviewMy two books … THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE: PANAMA Q & A and PANAMA CANAL DAY are published by Create Space, an Amazon company, and offered for sale on Create Space and Amazon.  You can buy either book in trade paperback, if like me you like to hold and fondle your book while you read, or, you can get the digital version if you prefer.  It is completely safe to download the digital version off Amazon.

But there are several individuals/outlets/fronts that offer my books for free download, usually in the familiar PDF format.  This is digital piracy, stealing something you don’t own, and then giving it away.  Why would someone do this?

Well, think about it.  This is mostly a problem with THE NEW ESCAPE TO PARADISE which is a book generally appealing to folks with money, maybe a lot of older folks thinking of moving or possibly retiring in Panama: folks who have money in the bank, good credit, but who may or may not be as computer-hip as their grand kids.  Great targets!

laptop-computer-keyboard-725x482[1]There are a number of suspicious websites that offer “free” ebooks ,,,
This is “piracy,” defined as the unauthorized duplication and/or distribution of copyrighted material.

And there is often a price to this “free” content, perhaps downloaded from BitTorrent sites. Many of these .pdf, .epub, .zip and .exe files contain malware (malicious software) that could give your computer a virus, install spyware (monitor your web surfing habits) or place adware on your system such as changing your web browser’s home page, adding a toolbar you didn’t want and causing pop-up advertisements (and overall, slowing down the performance of your machine).

Rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it is. [Digital Crave]

A friend send me copies of ads and emails from folks offering old versions of my ESCAPE TO PARADISE book for free. I tried finding out the identity of the owners of these sites using so I could send them cease and desist letters. The one is conveniently, for him, located offshore in the Bahamas. Good luck with that! Why do you think he’s located in the Bahamas? The other one is at the end of a chain of registrations, a guy located in … you got it|! … Russia. I wasn’t able to get to Putin to ask him if he was ultimately responsible.

1. But, you got it: don’t risk you computer and all the personal information that can be extracted from your computer if the wrong person gets inside and has access to your life ... and who, sitting anywhere in the world, can ruin your life.

2. But the are other reasons not to fall for this scam and to get the current version of ESCAPE TO PARADISE: PANAMA Q & A, just published on  Create Space, Amazon and Kindle this month. Things change. We’ve lived in Panama now going on 13 years and in many cases the advice I would give today is different than the advice I gave back when the book was first published. If you are thinking about relocating to Panama you need to know how things are NOW. Unfortunately in some of the older editions I recommended some people and services I thought were good, who, unfortunately, I now know were dishonest. Costly, but ***t happens, even in a paradise like Panama.

So do yourself a favor: get the current story. One of the plagues of the Internet, aside from the infamous “Fake News,” is that most stuff online isn’t conveniently dated so the reader knows when it was published. “Old News” might as well be “Fake News.” If you decide to relocate to Panama based on the current information, shared without hype and giving you the whole story, you will find a wonderful life. But if you come with the wrong expectations, or outdated expectations, you will be disappointed.

3. Get the current edition which includes PANAMA Q & A … all the stuff you want to know and need to know, based on the hundreds of questions people have asked over the years.  This is valuable information not included in the older editions of THE NEW ESCAPE TO PANAMA.



Over twelve years ago Richard Detrich retired early to escape to an expat lifestyle in Panama. “A pragmatic and thought-provoking guide if you seriously contemplate moving to a new land” – James Fletcher

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