Really?!? Has it come to this?

Has it really come to this? One political pundit suggests that “It is time for pitchforks and torches” if the US election doesn’t go his way. And it’s not just within the US. Countries around the world seem to be dealing with a hostile political divide. Wars are not only being fought abroad, but sometimes within neighborhoods, and even among friends. What ever happened to civil conversation and calm and reasoned discussion of issues.
Many people have had enough and are opting out … escaping to one paradise or another.

Let me tell you about our last election in Panama. There were three major parties who competed strongly for the election. BTW, it’s nice to have choice, and not have two major establishment parties forcing choices down your throat, as in the case of the US, or one establishment party forcing their choice as happens in many non democratic parties. So back to Panama … The three major candidates we all right of center business men from important families. There were no wild policy differences. The election wasn’t fought with expensive TV ads, but with candidates making appearances, pressing the flesh, and giving away t-shirts, hats, umbrellas, rum and money. It was a very close election, but when it was over the government changed which in Panama means that everyone who had jobs from the last administration calmly packed up their belongings, pushed all their unfinished work and files into the garbage, and went out to look for work … while the new folks came in and took over … and the government came to a standstill for a few months … but hey, it was nice, and for the most part friendly. Just ignore a few fist fights by political deputies on the floor of the Assembly and the former President boarding his private jet to flee the country supposedly with millions of taxpayer dollars.

Change. A bit of turmoil, but no great split in families, communities, or the country as a whole. Panama kept it’s position as one of the most peaceful and happy countries in the world! The new President, whose family is the big rum producer probably made a great contribution to the smooth transition, not because of policy, but because the country was able to come together over Abuelo Rum and/or Seco, both produced by the new Presidents family.

So you decide what you want … angry rhetoric, mobs, talk of pitchforks and torches, or sitting down calmly with your friends and neighbors and discussing the inevitable stupidity and foibles of government … ANY government … over a glass of rum!

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