Life goes on … and things change.

As I move into the final quarter of the game of life, I find myself wondering how “retirement” got to be so busy! I need to retire for retirement … still adventurous, but maybe more focused, doing what I love to do, and carefully evaluating how I’m spending my time, the commitments I make, and adapting to the continuing and more rapid change of our world.

When I first began blogging, TEN years ago now, it was still a relatively new medium of communication with … the world!  When I began publishing a blog focusing about our life as expats in Panama it was relatively a new concept. Now when people move to Panama the first thing they do is start a blog about their experiences and start giving advice.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know and interacting with folks literally from all over the world, some folks from countries I didn’t even know existed. This blogging experience, plus working over eight years now on cruise ships travelling around much of the world, and having the joy of working with folks, mostly younger than myself, from all over the world, has really enabled me to see myself as a citizen of the world.

RichardDetrichSo thank you for enriching my life, for sharing with me, and for reading my blog! The blog will stick around, but you will begin to notice some changes. I’ll try to organize the content so folks can continue to access what’s here. I’ll get rid of stuff that’s no longer relevant. And I will continue blogging … occasionally. If you subscribe or follow me on Facebook you’ll know when I post something new.

It’s been fun, but a whole lot of work. I’m always amazed to meet neighbors in Boquete who say, “Richard, I read your blog for years before we finally decided to make the move.” So thanks for sharing the journey with me and I will continue to stay in touch.

Regards, Richard