It’s not that we don’t like people, it’s just that when we come home we come to rest, relax, and enjoy we like to be surrounded by nature and enjoy our privacy. In fact we can’t see any neighbors, nor can they see us. It’s peaceful, beautiful and serene. I know this is hard for many people to believe, but we DON’T have airplanes flying over, sirens in the night, or the roar of freeway traffic. Yes, we do have tree frogs in the night, roosters in the morning, sometimes a cow over the hill giving birth, drums when the little school up the road is getting ready for a November parade, and once in a while a party in a home up the road. Somehow none of that is objectionable but just part of the magic.

When we designed our home, which many people have called “the most beautiful house in Boquete,” we wanted to take advantage of the year-round spring-like climate and that we are surrounded by the beauty of nature. We wanted the home to take advantage of the natural surroundings and near-perfect weather.

It’s kind of ironic that we build one of the best homes for entertaining in Bouquete, and we don’t entertain, or when we do it’s just a few very special friends and very casual. I’d much rather sit on the porch watching the sunset behind the mountain, in front of our dual-sided fireplace, sipping wine and having cheese while visiting with a few close friends. Working on ships I do a lot of “socializing” at big receptions with a lot of folks walking around, sipping drinks and making small talk. For me that is work, but relaxation and joy is talking with a few good friends. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

IMP Palmira 25 - Copy - CopyI wanted our master bedroom to be as much like sleeping in the treetops as possible, and I succeeded. We don’t need curtains because we don’t have neighbors we can see or who can see us. I like hopping in my hot tub butt naked. Having almost 4 acres of coffee, bananas, oranges, and half a dozen other tropical fruits means that we have lots of private space.  And to walk out naked in the middle of the night to take the dogs out to pee and look up at zillions of stars in the sky … and you can SEE the stars! … is priceless.

Privacy is just one of the things that make this property so special. In a world sometimes seeming to have gone mad, there is something very special about a spot that is incredibly beautiful, private, peaceful and where one is surrounded by nature.

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