Sticking Closer to Home

I guess I had hoped to be cruising the Med this summer, preferably the Eastern Med, Istanbul and the Black Sea, but it didn’t work out that way and it’s probably a good thing.  The world is a bit nuts right now.  I refuse to give in to terrorists and just hole up in my bedroom, but on the other hand … Many of the places I love … the Holy Land, Egypt, Turkey … aren’t probably the best vacation choices right now.  But trust me, all of these places have been around for a long, long time and have lived through the worst history had to throw at them, and they will be around in the future as well.  Ships will return to Egypt and the Holy Land, and will be back in Turkey.

I understand that the most dangerous part of travel is the ride to the airport.  So I will risk that, and not stay at home.

I am fortunate that the way things have worked out I have an adventure-filled calendar, on some fantastic ships, relatively close to home.

When I was in seminary in Holland, Michigan, I had an apartment in a home on the shores of Lake Macatawa and I’d go out on the dock and watch a great lake freighter cruise by and dream of some day cruising the Great Lakes.  So I will be lecturing on Pearl Seas Cruises 200 passenger ship PEARL MIST doing a Great Lakes cruise from Toronto to Chicago.  How’s that for staying close to “home.”

Silversea Cruises offers one of the finest cruise experiences available anywhere in the world.  I’m delighted to be back onboard SILVER WHISPER sailing from New York City [Ah!] to Bermuda and the Caribbean and ending up in Barbados.  Everything, everything is included on the 382 passenger, ultra deluxe ship. Nothing is quite as nice as having a “Hot Rocks” steak out on deck!  Three choices of wine and whatever you want to drink.  Nice!

DSC_0258Then it’s back to big ships, for another run on the Love Boat … once again the ISLAND PRINCESS doing Caribbean, Central America and the Panama Canal running between Ft Lauderdale and Los Angeles.  ISLAND has 2,214 passengers … about 250 more than it had last year since one of the show lounges was removed and turned into additional staterooms.

ISLAND is starting to feel like my second home.

New Picture

This schedule of bouncing ship to ship around the world, while great fun … except for the flying part … means when I’m home I just want to relax and work on lectures for the next cruise, which is why the time has come for us to downsize our lifestyle. Let’s face it: I like someone else picking up after me and making my bed, doing my laundry, fine dining with someone else making the meal and cleaning up, more entertainment than I could possibly enjoy, trading a small stateroom for the whole world.  When so much of the world seems to have gone mad, it’s nice to live in a floating city and happily work and play with folks from 35 different nations.