Reprise – It Is Well

Jack WhiteWhen my good friend and seminary roommate, Jack White, was dying, and he knew it, at a young age, he told me that the thing that gave him the most comfort was not all the Scripture that we studied, memorized, and could quote from memory, but the great hymns of the faith, the traditional music of the church, and some of the songs that we grew up with in church, like this one, “It Is Well With My Soul.”  A lot of folks know that song, but not a lot know how it came into being and it’s connection with ships and the sea.

Here’s, as Paul Havey (an ancient, old-time newscaster) would say, “The rest of the story” … and an opportunity to hear it sung by the original Three Tenors …

(Video link)

And a more updated, lift up your hands version, by the Bill Gaither Vocal Band, one of my favorites even although it’s not “traditional church music” …

(Video link)


My daughter was teaching my grandsons to pray and the three-year-old wanted to know what “Amen” meant.  That sent the parents scurrying for an answer and they discovered the answer: “So be it!”  So when the three-year-old finishes his prayer he says “Amen!” throws up his hands and dramatically declares, “So be it!”