Coming to … Panama!

People from around the world are on the move … and not just poor refugees fleeing war and starvation.  People fleeing dictatorial political regimes, government policies and directions with which they disagree, plummeting monetary values, and the specter of terrorism.  Most of the folks migrating to Panama are not from the US and Canada but are from neighboring South American countries sinking in corruption, crime, and increasingly worthless currency and investments.  Europeans are fleeing outrageous taxes and a Union seemingly held together with duct tape.  Chinese are taking their money and running while they can.

The US has always prided itself and propagandized heavily the concepts of independence and freedom, even as both were being whittled away.  Once the great “melting pot” the US has become polarized by political view (“Red” and  “Blue” – although you would think any true conservative would “rather be dead than Red,” but things do change.  People are starting to take the concepts of independence and freedom seriously even when it means rising up against the political status quo.   Almost everyone is tired of a do-nothing Congress representing both parties, a Congress that seems only concerned with lining their own pockets.  And now with the so-called “Panama Papers” who knows where that will lead, especially if the “FOB” [Friends of Bill]  and “FOH” [Friends of Hillary] turn out to have their zillions stashed away under at best dubious circumstances?  Inquiring minds want to know!

And  if, as it is starting to appear, Hillary and The Donald are the two anointed US Presidential candidates … one way or another … Panama is going to be flooded with folks voting with their feet and abandoning the chaos back home in the US of A.

With treats of extremist terrorism all over the world, people are coming to Panama,  a country that’s neutral, that has survived dictatorship and established itself as a democracy, that’s geographically at the center of the world, that has the Panama Canal, and a robust, diversified and growing economy, and  a country that has always used the US dollar.  The US dollar has had its ups and downs, but generally, world over, it is regarded as one of the world’s safest currencies.  It’s no wonder that much of the world views Panama as a safe haven for investment, for retirement, and for expat living.

Yet Panama, like Singapore and Dubai with whom it is increasingly compared, is a small country, really just a tiny squiggle connecting the continents and with a population of only 4 million people.  So Panama only has so much space … in the developed mountain resort areas like Boquete and to an extent Volcan, and only so many islands, and so much property with frontage actually on the beach.  The popular areas like Panama City, the Azuero Peninsula and Pedasi, Coronado, Bocas del Toro, Volcan and Boquete can only accommodate so much of the world’s population.

So people are coming to Panama!

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