Farewell OCEAN PRINCESS … and 50 years later!

It’s good to be back home in Boquete after almost 30,000 miles at sea, 3.5 months at sea, cruising the Caribbean and going all the way around South America on the final voyage of the OCEAN PRINCESS.  As of 12 noon EST yesterday the OCEAN PRINCESS was no more, to be reincarnated as a ship for Regent Cruses.

I loved these small ships … the old ROYAL PRINCESS and OCEAN PRINCESS have now moved on to new lives.  Princess is focusing on larger, more efficient and more profitable ships, but, at least for the moment, the “small ship” PACIFIC PRINCESS still remains with a loyal following.

There were many loyal Princess Elite Black Card holders on this final voyage, including 26 folks who with me on the world cruise of PACIFIC PRINCESS in 2011.

I appreciate all the wonderful comments I’ve received … and here are a few samples …

“Your insightful information enhanced the cruise 100%!  Thanks!  Don Ross”

“Your talks were outstanding.  I have never had better researched and presented talks in over 75 cruises.  Your talk on Devil’s Island was especially noteworthy.  John Denice”

“Like the majority of passengers on this cruise we are retired professionals, but we still regard ourselves as intelligent.  Your lectures were informative, entertaining, laced with humor, and most importantly assumed we were intelligently interested in what you had to say and we were not patronized.  We admired the fact that you presented what to some were unpalatable, historical truths.  Peter Hartnall”

Here is the final picture of the entire crew of the OCEAN PRINCESS and that’s me in the red circle.

Final OCEAN PRINCESSFifty years ago on my first ever cruise, working on the cruise staff of a Dutch student travel ship in 1966, that’s me in the black shirt at the top of the steps.

First Cruise

Fifty years and there is still so much of the world waiting to be explored, experienced, enriched and enjoyed!

Now that I’m back home I’ll try to get to all of your comments and the mail that has been waiting for me.



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