Time to Choose

After pondering all the places where we thought we might like to retire we ended up with a short list …


So now it was time to research . . . books, reading and more reading, searching on line for anything I could find and, eventually, when Panama kept coming out on top, a trip to Panama to spend some time and check it out in person.  But I’m getting ahead of myself . . .I used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of what I found out about each of the countries on my short list.  Then the MBA in me forced me to find a way to quantify what I was discovering.  It may be kinda corny, but it worked.  He’s a glimpse of my spread sheet . . .


So now we had some way to compare . . .


What was interesting here is that comparing everything using this system Panama scored quite high. The Virgin Islands on the other hand scored lower than where we were already living in Ventura, California. But remember we had said that not everything was equal . . .


So looking at the alternatives with these weights in mind, I came up with yet another spread sheet . . .


And when all was said and done this is what we came up with . . .


Clearly Panama was on top, but what was interesting was how poorly the Virgin Islands did in comparison to Ventura.  And Costa Rica ended up being the same as Ventura, so why would we go through the hassle and expense of moving?

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