“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ….”

It’s incredible! And beautiful!

I came across Brandon Mikesell’s flight over Panama City … in incredible video, and an incredible ad for GoPro that makes me want to run and buy one and take on my next cruise gig. But most of my fellow crew members already have and use and post continually on Facebook.

And if your FB is driving you nuts, you’ll be interested in this … and then call and tell you broker to unload.

People who stopped using Facebook for a week felt happier than those who stayed connected, according to a Danish study of 95,000 people

The study blames the social network for evils such as lack of concentration or a tottering social life.

“We chose Facebook because it is the most used social network in all ages,” said AFP Tuesday Meik Wiking, director of the Institute for Research on Happiness, which conducted the study among 95 thousand people in Denmark.

This group was divided in two: half continued to use Facebook, while the other stopped using it. After a week, people stopped using Facebook said they were more satisfied with their lives.

In total, 88% of them said he was “happy” against 81% in the other group, 84% said their lives appreciate (versus 75%) and only 12% said they were dissatisfied, against 20% among people connected to the social network .

After the experience, the group that stopped using Facebook felt they had a fuller social life and less difficulty concentrating, while others were having these difficulties.

“Instead of focusing on what we need, unfortunately we have a habit of focusing on what others have,” the study authors estimated.” [NEWSROOM PANAMA]

That being said … my FB friends often tip me off to incredible things.

And less the sequins and rocker persona throw you, you should watch Michael Eisner interview Cameron Carpenter at Aspen.

My “Dream Job” …

Yes, living in Boquete and getting paid to travel the world on cruise ships, is pretty cool, BUT it is a lot of work, particularly before I leave. So when Princess calls and asks for me to go around South America, with the need for 31 lectures, all on PowerPoint, each 45-50 minutes long (and timed accurately because there is always something hot on my heels to use the theater) … and get ‘er done in 30 days … well, it makes for long, long days, starting at 4 AM, and a tired and sore butt. And there is the practical side of getting ready … getting enough pills in advance, packing enough but staying under 50 pounds, trying on the 2 pairs of new dress slacks I bought because I’d lost weight on the last contract (and I always do!) and discovering that I can no longer button them … so, anyway, that’s why I’ve neglected my blogging a bit.

Que lastima!

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