How to Enjoy Boquete

A friend of ours, Maureen Pilson, wrote a wonderful piece about looking at the minor frustrations of living in Paradise with a positive attitude. Maureen and her husband rented our little casita when they first came to Panama .

The sidewalks are all different in front of each store, and cracked, missing or slippery – we call that Character.

You have to park somewhere and drag your groceries up and down the street – we call that muscle-building.

The electricity goes off at 7:30pm in the middle of a movie and leaves you in the pitch black – we call that a chance to catch up on some sleep.

The water turns off with no warning – we call that a chance to drink wine not coffee.

You can’t make an appointment to see the doctor, you just wait with everyone else – we call that an opportunity to make new friends and learn a bit more Spanish.

You can’t find what you are looking for in the food stores – we call that a good time to try something new.

Taxis, cars and trucks come to a screeching halt in front of you in the middle of the road to greet someone – we call that living in a friendly neighborhood.

Care must be taken to avoid running over chickens, dogs and sometimes horses, which are in the way – we call that rustic charm.

There are potholes all over the roads – we call that keeping down the speed without the need for speed signs.

We listen to a lot of drumming – we call that children getting an education, and being proud of their school.

We hear a lot of annoying barking dogs – we call that, well, annoying.

You get the picture. This is the difference between just living here and enjoying living here. It has its faults, but it is beautiful, and so are the people.


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