God save the Queen!

Today Queen Elizabeth II bests the record set by Queen Victoria and becomes the longest reigning British monarch. And, for a while now, she has been the oldest reigning monarch in the world.

Hopefully, now, she will answer the question about which most US Americans have wondered for years, just what does she carry around in that always present purse?  Is it the nuclear launch codes for the British nuclear weapons or just her iPhone?

A remarkable woman, the queen has survived family dysfunction, a lifetime of what must be incredibly boring royal duties, wars, insurrections, governments, political leaders and ***holes, and managed it all with grace and firmness.  While advancing age may have slowed her down a bit, she is still Her Majesty and admired around the world.

This is one little old lady driver you don’t want to mess with!

For all of her wealth and luxury, there is one thing which many of us enjoy which she will never have … and that is the luxury of retirement.

God bless her … and God save the Queen!

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