$2,977 A Month For A Couple in Coronado

Robert Goodbar was good enough to send me this breakdown of their cost of living in Coronado. They are purchasing their home with a mortgage and presumably own their car.

Interesting that he shows medical insurance for his wife, but nothing for him. Is he going bare [of insurance that is, because as far as I know Coronado does not have a nude beach]? Or does he have US government insurance which many federal retirees have and which, unlike Medicare, does work in Panama?

  • Mortgage $890
  • Electric with Pensionado discount $120 (In Coronado you’d want air conditioning)
  • Gardener $180 (My guess would be 2 days a week)
  • Pool $50 (Probably why electric is higher than I would expect)
  • Life Insurance $210 (Required with mortgage)
  • Homeowner Dues $145
  • Water $50 with senior discount (In Boquete water is $60 per YEAR)
  • Cable Internet/telephone with senior discount $65
  • Food, eating out, gas $1,000
  • Medical insurance for wife only $177
  • Auto, liability, homeowners insurance $90

What I don’t see here, aside for his medical insurance, is any cost of personal care, medication, travel, car repair, out of pocket medical or entertainment.

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